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Keep in mind that if you visit in winter, staying here might preclude you from seeing the aurora (if cloudy skies don’t). Here is our complete guide to the magnificent Diamond Beach. These are the … The good news? It is actually Jokulsarlon beach. “New Harbor”, is maybe, not surprisingly, located by the harbor! Seeing the icebergs sit on the black sand where they glint under the Icelandic Midnight sun, creates a truly unique setting. Iceland’s most popular attractions (Snæfellsnes Peninsula, The Ring Road, The Blue Lagoon, Diamond Beach) are incredible, they’re also limited. You will need to wear a headlight or use a torch to make your way around the area, and, also, to take care to park your car in one of the designated and well-marked parking spaces. Words, images and design ©2009-2021 Robert Schrader, All rights reserved. Brutally beautiful. If (assuming you’re taking an Iceland road trip) you set your GPS for Jökulsárlón, you will find the Diamond Beach just to the east of the lagoon mouth, right along the sea. Spring is the best time of year to visit Iceland to see the Puffins In the Spring, Iceland’s snowy landscapes start to give way to lush green landscapes. However, if you visit in the winter months, … Going early in the morning or late at night will also cut … There are usually icebergs on the beach year-round, but it does depend a bit on the weather, the wind and the tides. It’s just inevitable! As I mention above, it they were the last stops on our road trip to see the South and Southeast coasts of Iceland. Want to travel more often? In the summer months the … You can even take a boat tour on the lagoon and sail among the massive icebergs! I try to visit Breiðamerkursandur every year and cannot wait to see what the ice-diamonds look like, as each time I visit this beach … Explore the full Iceland circle in a private way in a four wheel and seedrive around Iceland´s famous Ring Road. Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of the beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean with … Find nearby locations on map. The only difference is that it’s more challenging getting there in winter, the light is more limited, and you will … Summer or Winter - Diamond Beach is always amazing to visit. Vik, Iceland. ðŸ¦. The diamond beach Iceland tour and Jokulsarlon lagoon tour are the most favourites place of the tourists who come to visit Iceland throughout the year. I wasn’t able to procure an outfit that was anywhere near as fabulous as the one Jonna Lee wears in the “Vista” video. The best ones still have the blue tint of glacial water. Like what you're reading? This lagoon is... Svartifoss Waterfall. The Solheimasandur Beach in Iceland is located just ten minutes away from … They are renovating parts of the hotel and have plans to reopen it in April 2018. , a very popular café, restaurant and bar named after the famous Sister of Klaustur e. . The pastel hues that light up the sky, particularly during the winter when they take hours to fade in and out of darkness, beautifully contrast with the black sand of the beach below. Iceland … There’s still a chance of snow but in general, … You might very well be luckier than I was—and if you are, you’d best believe you’re in for an incredible treat. The … If you visit Iceland during the summer, you can enjoy a day trip to explore Diamond Beach, simply because there are 24 hours of consecutive daylight. Take a tour of the Diamond Beach, Iceland and relax at the beach. Outside of Vik itself (which is over two hours from Diamond Beach, although it looks close on the map), there aren’t a lot of excellent Iceland South Coast hotels. , for those looking to dine in a finer manner, great to try the local produce and fabulous fish. All Rights Reserved. Depending on what time of year you visit Black Diamond Beach Iceland (and I’ll speak more about your options in just a moment), sunrise and/or sunset are some of the best times to visit. In fact, as is the case for much of rural Iceland, the majority of accommodations you find here are guesthouse and B&B type places, including Reynivellir and Hali Country Hotel, where I have personally stayed. April and September are reasonable alternatives with decent weather, shorter days, smaller crowds, and cheaper prices. Initially, I simply assumed the shots might’ve been taken along the shores of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, which at that time was probably the most ubiquitous Iceland destination among the influencer crowd. Subscribe to email updates today! The drive from Reykjavík will take about 5 hours without stopping, but only about 1 hour from Höfn, again, without a stop. There aren’t many options for eating close to the beach or the lagoon. Even though it’s located about six hours away from the capital, you will come across photos and information on Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón), and it's neighboring, The icebergs floating in the lagoon range in color from deep blue to bright white, and brilliant, turquoise shades, they slowly melt and make their way down to the ocean, before they reach the Atlantic Ocean they often come to a stop at an amazingly beautiful black beach, the name of this beach is. It has a small in-house brewery, and great high-quality meals made from local products. Diamond Beach is located directly across from Glacier Lagoon (see above) on the Ring Road between Höfn and Skaftafell. Unable to display map at this time… Re: Diamond beach in Summer. Travel blog, travel information, travel advice, travel inspiration. It wasn’t until tourists started coming here and really taking the time to admire this staggeringly beautiful natural phenomenon that the name, The Diamond Beach caught on. Don’t want to leave your Iceland road trip to chance? … It’s just inevitable! Known for excellent service and their beautiful historic location. Diamond Beach in Iceland Iceland Add photo Bookmark The Diamond Beach in Iceland, also called Jökulsarlon Ice Beach, is a magical place where the icebergs that broke out of the glacier get washed up at a black beach. Copyright © 2020 Extreme Iceland. Jökulsárlón is an enormous lagoon filled with huge chunks of ice that have broken free from Breiðamerkurjökull, an outlet glacier of the famous Vatnajökull (the largest icecap in Europe). The best way to hire a car in Iceland is by browsing to find the best … This is the cheapest option and great for summer travelers! I grew up in a place that gets its share of winter weather, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the field of ice boulders on Diamond Beach in Iceland. Vík. An alternative to Diamond Beach accommodation, if you don’t mind driving a couple of hours each way, would be to stay in Vik, where spots like Hotel Kría and Guesthouse Carina offer comfortable stays, if not completely chic ones. We offer a wide range of tours taking you to … If you are looking to enjoy the drive from Reykjavík, it is, though, recommended to spend 2-3 days on the south coast, especially in winter when the daylight is extremely limited. Explore Reykjavik. Diamond Beach Travel Information. As you probably realize by now, Diamond Beach Iceland isn’t actually covered in diamonds—the icebergs on this beach are much bigger than any rock you’ve seen on someone’s finger! Your options for getting to the Diamond beach are: In winter the Diamond Beach is quite a good place to spot the northern lights because there is very little light pollution, however, this is also what makes it a bit tricky. Next morning, explore more of the Reykjavik city. You will need to wear a headlight or use a torch to make your way around the area, and, also, to take care to park your car in one of the designated and well-marked parking spaces. While you’ll find the proverbial diamonds all year long, they’re obviously more prevalent during the winter months, when there are fewer tourists (and the possibility of the Northern Lights—more on that in a second). Just down the road to Diamond Beach, there is Fjallsárlón, Iceberg lagoon. The icebergs first start off as enormous blocks of ice which have separated themselves from Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and dropped into the glacier lagoon. In fact, if you visit in winter, you can expect to see icebergs that are literally big enough for you to stand on, to say nothing of the other interactions you can enjoy. Rather, I’d been mesmerized by a landscape depicted in a video by one of my favorite artists and, feeling relatively certain that it was in Iceland, began eagerly searching the web. For more spectacular blue ice, check out the tour to the nearby ice cave that departs right from Jökulsárlón. Tap here to plan your post-Covid trip! I was able to locate this most stunning of Iceland attractions, in the early morning no less, when the pastel hues of the sky perfectly contrasted with the black sand and prismatic icebergs resting atop it. Whether you’re thinking to visit Diamond Beach in summer or winter (and I’ll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of both in just a second), the most important thing is getting there.

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