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If you can’t find goat-specific minerals… What is normal coat color of the goat you say is now copper colored — and by that do you mean rusty? I purchase the Sweetlix you recommended, but she doesn’t seem to eat it at all. Goats in the wild drink only rain water or water from creeks and lakes. If it could, husband will build a shelter for the goats and set up the mineral station inside of it. Here’s an easy way to build a mineral block feeder yourself. 😉, Hi Deborah, Show Co-op 17% Pelleted Show Goat … Being ruminants, goats will eat almost 24/7 if they are out on pasture, so if you lock them up at night, you can provide them with alfalfa in the barn — probably 2-3 flakes will last them for most of the night. They recently changed the bag for Goat Chow, even though they still call it Goat Chow on their website: We are very lucky to have a reputable feed store in our town that carries Sweetlix, Yay! Research has shown that they can’t actually chew it up, AND a published study showed no difference between the effect if the copper was given in a bolus or mixed in feed. and divided in feeders. If you have a pregnant doe or a doe nursing kids, I’d give her alfalfa, but for bucks and wethers, I’d probably lean towards grain and be sure to provide them with ammonium chloride or find a grain mix that has it included. My boy takes them just fine and I have given Manna pro goat minerals for years, but my younger doe always manages to chuck them back up and chew them which defeats the purpose. Since you are not breeding your goats, they have practically zero stress on their bodies, which means they don’t have high mineral needs. This does not sound like it’s necessarily copper deficiency. After reading this comment thread, I am feeling as though I have done my boys a disservice by providing them with daily grain, and perhaps too much of it. They are VERY easy keepers. I’ve read that too much alfalfa can be harmful to our boy goats due to the high calcium levels. As I previously mentioned our plan was to feed them Alfalfa and Grain (they’ll also be foraging) until they are about 6 months old. Curly hair is not a symptom of copper deficiency. 01.26.2017 by thriftyhomesteader // 111 Comments. But if you use different carriers, then they associate each taste with the effect. And while I feel terrible about not giving her the care she needed I feel like we finally have an answer and are able to change the way we care for our remaining goats. If you have local brands, be sure to check the label. All of our goat friends follow the typical practices of raising goats so asking them isn’t really the advice we are seeking. You can reduce iron with a water softener, but reducing sulfur requires the use of a water filtration system that costs a couple thousand dollars. (Dont want to risk it). I do not give grain or alfalfa due to urinary calculi. Because goats in the wild are not fenced in. They also have access to pasture, or given plenty of high quality organic hay. Upon review and further investigation of your website and the above conversations I am getting mixed messages on whether or not it’s okay to feed Bucklings/soon-to-be-wethers Alfalfa because it can wind up causing a zinc deficiency, and Grain because of urinary calculi. But you really shouldn’t be using medicated minerals anyway. When it’s gone, you should never need to buy it again for those goats. 10.9% max. It’s called cafeteria style minerals. They are not producing sperm or babies or milk, so their nutritional needs are very minimal. Good to know about the minerals! If so, how much, and how often. In fact, that’s a perfect diet for obesity. Because of the different needs of livestock, using an “all stock” mineral may lead to deficiencies because they tend to be very low in all minerals, so as not to cause toxicity of any mineral in any species. My Nigerian Dwarf Goat (two years old) is a companion to our horse – by far she rules the roost. These are my babies ☹️. They are strictly on pasture, grass hay and minerals otherwise. Goats and cattle have mineral needs that are so similar that you can use their minerals interchangeably. The coccidiostat in medicated minerals or feed is toxic to equines. … You can find all of this info on the feed tag that it attached to the bag. With all of this info, do you not feel it is necessary to do feed? Hello Deborah and thanks again for your reply! Copper 2000ppm I could move hay and water in there if I had to. This farmer also does not pasture his goats. We will be moving them around to different grazing areas of our property. Sweetlix would be great for them. And your goats don’t need it. Do your best to make sure minerals are always available. Stephanie. I am not talking about using medicated feed. They’re just mostly experimenting in the beginning, but by the time they’re a month old, they’re pretty good at eating. They should still automatically graze though, right? Unless the kids are unusually small for their age and need the extra protein, they really won’t need grain again until they are at the very end of pregnancy (last week or two) or milking. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. If you like to listen to podcasts, I interviewed a ruminant nutritionist a couple of months ago here: and an 8 year old doe. Goats prefer minerals with salt; if you have to get a salt-free mineral, supplement it with a salt block. They also get hay which apparently isn’t up to their par yet as they have been a bit picky with it. I know people who’ve used it and wound up with copper-deficient goats because they believed that company instead of paying attention to their goats. Let me double check on the hay – we get it from the farmer whose cows we watch over – it’s an organic dairy farm. They will definitely need a good grass hay in the winter as things slow down and stop growing. I would also give them a better form of grain, but not much available in my (very rural) area. The mineral won’t hurt the donkey as long as it is NOT medicated. Features and Benefits. I can only hope that what you get back in life is comparable to what you give. I’ve seen a mineral with copper as low as 300 ppm and salt as high as 85%, which means the goat is getting mostly salt and practically no copper or anything else. What is the normal color of the off-white goat? And they need to have a loose mineral available free choice. But whenever you do give any grain or mineral to goats, it should NEVER be for “sheep and goats” because that means it has 0 or next to 0 copper in it, so you will wind up with copper deficient goats. Research done 20+ years ago showed that they had no idea what to eat if all of the minerals had salt in them. I have never used copper BoSe or anything else copper. I like Sweetlix Meat Maker, which is available in most areas (check their website for dealers), but if you can’t find it, just be sure that you get one that is specifically for goats (NOT “sheep and goats”) and has around 1500 ppm copper in it and NO molybdenum. Thank you so very much for your help thus far – I truly appreciate it!!! Selenium deficient does may have birthing problems and not pass their placenta in a timely manner. It could have been something as simple as an injury. I have been watching YouTube and looking at blogs and am TOTALLY overwhelmed in trying to decipher just what we need. Pretty sure I’m going to switch to purina or sweetlix whichever one I can get and cost. The wether was banded at about 2 months. I just got my first two does and I’m trying to figure out exactly what I need to buy for them as far as minerals go and just wanted to make sure I didn’t need two different kinds. Goats do not need dolomite lime or ferrous sulphate, and you should NEVER sprinkle minerals on their feed. That is also why they need milk — lots of calcium and protein. For a few decades now, the grassfed cattle people have been providing each of the minerals in a separate dish so that the cattle can pick and choose exactly what they want. I have boer wethers and struggle with their health. Currently have 2 Nigerian Dwarfs that are almost 4 months old. couple of years ago , no sign of problems with them. How young can they start grazing? It’s a coccidiostat, which should only be given to goats at high risk of coccidiosis, which three wethers should not be. Mineral blocks are minerals that are mixed with hardener for minerals then pressed and become solid or hard. I use the pelleted formula, not the sweet feed. t there a med in that mineral which treats coccidia? Dry does do not need grain or beet pulp. Recently, my goats seem to have had issues absorbing copper (3 Nigerian Dwarfs and 1 boer/pygmy cross). We are getting 6 Nigerian Dwarf Goats that are all 8 to 12 weeks old, 3 withers and 3 doelings. Salt min. Here is more on converting ppm and percents: It also fosters optimal conditions for reproduction and enhances show appearance. What am I doing wrong? Unsubscribe at any time. You can usually find out who sells it in your area by checking their website online or contacting the company. I didn’t think you advocated medicated food at all, but I did read in your response to Maranda, that medicated food or minerals may be beneficial for three weeks during the stressful time of moving and leaving their mama. No noticeable iron or sulfur in our well. Are these does, bucks, or wethers? You should NEVER have salt available when you are using a mixed mineral that contains salt. I have been trying over the last month to get them back on track and have given them all several doses of the Replamin, and there is no response. My husband is planning on setting up a mineral station for the goats. Start with a really small amount of hay pellets until they’re eating them reliably. MF6BLUE), Nutri-Vet Milk Replacement Powder for Puppies | Contains Probiotics & Supports a healthy Gut | 12 Ounces, Proven, effective horse fly and insect protection, Support for livestock health and wellness. Goat Mineral is a supplement fortified with vitamins and minerals for sound growth.

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