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I have been toying with a canabalize deck using the quest and similar minions. I’m not sure if getting big stuff out for two mana in the rather late game would be worth your turn one, a card in your opening hand, and a slot in your deck. Zloduch Rafaam se vzhlédl v Indiana Jonesovi, a proto se rozhodl stát se nejen Arcizloduchem, ale také nejlepším archeologem na Azerothu. Awesome! There must be some viable-y mechatun or malygos shenanigans with this one. Zilliax: All around great card. Supreme Archaeology is TAKING THEM! Can create huge boards from the deathrattles that the opponent can't usually handle well. This card could really bring up the viability of control to more than just battle of fatigue. A má pro vás úkol. Running two copies of Plot Twist, along with potential other synergies that card may have to support it, will somewhat guarantee they will get at least one Plot Twist, which will lower the amount of draw needed from 20 to somewhere between 11 and 13. Let’s wait and see what we can do with it, but I’m sure there’s a way to use it to high power levels. Not to mention ; if you put an emphasis on draw, Warlock has good chance of getting both copies of Plot Twist. Like usual for these late game cards, getting her off of Fel Lord Betrug or Dollmaster Dorian is amazing. Plot Twist is good for sure, but there has to be more synergy. This seems like a card that would allow control lock a better endgame since once it finishes every card hero power pulls is playable that turn control doesn’t really run bigger than 8 cost minions so possible to keep dropping 2 bigish card each turn. What are you gonna do with those 0 cost cards, though? To obtain the quest reward as quick as possible, Plot Twist is used best when your hand is nearly full, as it allows you to draw up to 9 extra cards. Take a look at it and let me know your thoughts. I think this might be good in wild darkest hour decks because Considering there is very little in the way of a 1 cost for control warlock this isn’t a waste to play turn one. Dark Skies: Serves a similar purpose to Defile, in that it is a good early game board clear. As of right now, I do not have the time to make an in depth play guide, but if this deck becomes popular, I may set aside a good chunk of time to do so, since a lot goes into making this deck work. It was around Legend 1500 to 1300, I believe. will dispatch then i have it in hand, within 1-4 working days. And if you make a different iteration of the deck, I'd love to see what things you changed! Hi! Quest: Draw 20 cards. You can’t quite build a combo deck around it, since you’ll probably draw your combo pieces before the quest is complete. This is not going to be played in a tier 1-3 deck without amazing support. I bring you this iteration of Supreme Archaeology Warlock! You are wasting a card slot and turn 1 to activate a quest which will be hard and unreliable to complete. Supreme is the definition of Streetwear and in many ways is the force that continues to bless the streetwear world and carry it into the next generation. And even though you activate the quest with 10 cards still intact in your deck, how certain are you to win with the next draw, having a 10% chance of drawing what you need at that time? With the fact that this deck basically draws 2 cards a turn in the late game, having extra resources, and extra copies of your valuable minions is essential in surviving the late game. Elekk + Plot Twist? When I first saw this card art on the card reveals page, I thought Rafaam was using a weapon similar to the t-shirt launchers at sporting events to fire artifacts out into the crowd. Control lock focuses more on surviving into late game with huge wall of taunts and some healing with a couple removals. I’ve seen jepetto in a control deck before due to the utility of 2 minions going to the hand. 5/5. If you're against aggro, this card can just serve as a tempo play, since you'd either be dead or defeated the opponent by the time you get to the late game. If you desire to clog up your hand and cycle cards forever, then how will you be able to finish the game off? Check out popular Zoo Warlock Decks (December 2020). Healing, taunt, and a great stopper to aggro. Khartut Defender: Great card all around. Supreme Archeology is an easier quest to complete, but the reward leaves something lacking. Yugioh Supreme King Zarc Deck 2020 by admin Posted on July 22, 2020 Supreme king zarc ygoprodeck yu gi oh combo supreme king dragon zarc supreme king z arc deck ygoprodeck supreme … By the time you get going against control, you're going to have access to a lot of different tools. 2020-04-22 11:44 in Design Words By Lia McGarrigle. It can also get rid of larger minions as well. So many supreme skateboard styles are impossible to find at any price as they were limited editions, and some have ended their lives after full use on the streets. Supreme isn’t the only brand to release a Last Supper board. Voidcaller: Great early game card that will help you survive until the late game. The primary aim of Quest Warlock is to use Life Tap and other draw mechanics to draw as many cards as possible. There wouldn’t be 10 cards left if you don’t plot twist it would be 5-6 your forgetting the starting hand. Skull of the Man'ari: Serves a similar purpose to how this card serves in Cubelock. Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Cards List & Guide. Sylvanas Windrunner: Absolutely fantastic late game card. Reward: Tome of Origination. He is the original incarnation of Yuya Sakaki (Pendulum Dimension), Yuto (Xyz Dimension), Yugo (Synchro Dimension) and Yuri (Fusion Dimension).. Even if they were 1/1 that’s 2 less minions so more likely to draw plot twist if need and depending on what pulled even 1/1 has uses. It also works well with Fel Lord Betrug or Dollmaster Dorian, as you can generate the threat through those minions, and then summon another copy of the minion. Pulling it off of Voidcaller or Skull of the Man'ari feels really bad, but the healing it gives you, I believe, trumps that. Let’s see if we get more reshuffling and shuffle into your deck synergy and we will be able to judge it better. You could run a Big Warlock deck with something like Darkest Hour, but it needs support still. Deck Information; Deck Type: Meta Decks: Deck Master: Supreme King Z-ARC: TCG/OCG: tcg: Submission Date: March 22nd 2020: Author: DarkPrince09: YGOPRODeck File Download : View in Online Deck Builder Purchase on TCGplayer Text View YDKe This nullifies that weakness once finished because you can drop 2 big cards minimum every turn. It can pull out any of your big taunt demons, which will always be great in any stage of the game. James Ryman ARC-V anime. (And then maybe taking over the world.) Cant wait . N'Zoth, the Corruptor: This guy creates some absolutely fantastic late game boards, since you have so many amazing deathrattles in the deck. Perhaps, but it invalidates your analysis of only 2-3 potential cards that would benefit the effect. Enhanced Dreadlord: Great deathrattle card. This is definitely better than the Druid Quest, so it gets a 4/5. Discarding cards was so against what the deck that supported the Quest wanted to do that it was always a meme. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. He's also good to play on his own late game. Obviously Plot Twist changes that math a lot, but in the current meta Plot Twist decks are pretty much meme decks and people tend to judge future cards based on their impressions on the current meta. Also, there is no real drawback adding this to any control warlock deck anyways. Oh my lord, this will absolutely stomp in wild, my already good plot twist warlock deck just got more tools wilfred wizzlebang’s passive as a hero power is pretty good. The point of this card though is to run it with plot twist doing other wise is stupid. In the end game, when all is said and done, it all depends on how good you build your deck. Also one of the best minions to get at 0 mana, although to be fair a lot of minions here are amazing at 0 mana. The Soularium: Excellent draw engine. Too much effort for a reward that won’t necessarily win you the game. This can allow you to complete the quest early in game, and enable you to start getting 0 mana large threats early. Control Decks: Plot Twist, Voidcaller, Skull of the Man'ari, Augmented Elekk (Sometimes going infinite isn't the best option), and any large demons for the Cubelock package. Without reshuffling you only get potentially 2-3 cards that cost (0), and then you go into Fatigue. Supreme Archeology . For that, I am mildly confident, but we’ll see. If you draw the two copies of Plot Twist, the Quest is not that hard to complete. 1 cost 1/1 whelpling is definitely a steal. The real eye-catcher is the Supreme Camo Logo Skate Deck. Archaeology is the discovery of rare and powerful artifacts. If there's any card you want to get multiple copies of through Augmented Elekk, it's this one. I will play this, i will make the emem live. Líznout si co nejrychleji 20 karet. Mechanical Whelp: Great stats for the cost, like a certain ogre, only they come after this dies, which works well in this deck. I feel my first new expansion deck growing. Supreme Archaeology - card Hearthstone. There will never be another Supreme. Very good if you pull a great value minion such as Khartut Defender or any other deathrattle card. Supreme Archaeology can be obtained through Saviors of Uldum card packs, through crafting, or as an Arena reward. However, recently, I decided to give the deck another go, utilizing elements from the popular Cubelock deck, as well as making it more focused on the end result rather than the process of completing the quest, I believe I made a deck that is viable for climbing, and works well on the ladder. Your curve will suffer, and knowing Warlock, it is not the best class in terms of stalling due to the absence of sufficient healing. Quest nomi mechatun . That is, if we get enough support to be able to complete the Quest without being too much behind the game in the first place. Aranasi Broodmother: To be honest, I'm hesitant on this card. Lord Godfrey: The best removal Warlock has access to. It creates the deck, since the late game of the deck heavily relies on the hero power. Of course, darkest hour warlock usually wins with their darkest hour combo, but if that fails (which it sometimes does due to bad draws, this might be an alternative win condition. Quest: Draw 20 cards. Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Archaeology Summary The four articles refer to the archaeological findings and the significance of their value in explaining earlier life forms, resources and impact they have to their discovery on present day measures. Reward: Tome of Origination. Can also be used to look for Keli'dan the Breaker to get that full board clear, or Aranasi Broodmother for healing. I played around 25 games while fine tuning, which turned out a win rate of around ~80% (Some games were not recorded, and for reference, this was in the low legend section, as I had already reached legend rank this season, so take that as you will). That alone won’t be enough. What's dropping? It should be pretty easy to take advantage of the benefits from Supreme Archaeology.Utilize your 1-mana spells to … Malygos Quest Warlock Strategy. As you know, Warlock has already tools to benefit from having a wide hand. Though we now classify skate decks collectibles, Supreme dropped three new noteworthy decks as a part of their FW20 Week 1 release. Once again great deck man! Deleted. Gear Real Brand Deck. Demonology 101 is my deck I built and I’m trying to convert it to something similar to this. I don’t think elek + plot twist is enough to make this work, but if we get more cards for Warlock that can shuffle big bois then I think it could be good. All products are super limited and sell out quickly. I do think it will be on the very least easier to complete than that Quest, and with a reward that is easier to make use of. But there is one more combo, which I will talk about in the Augmented Elekk section.

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