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Any idea how to open this? Most motors in fans nowadays are fairly easy to replace unlike the ones in older models which requires a lot of aligning and adjusting just to get right.Thanks for your question. Thank you and hope I have somehow helped you. it's like it's stocked up when i turn it on but its spinning when off and i spin the propeler. I'm in Merida, yucatan. No hum at all. Step 1. hi boholano ko. It will be tricky though as it is a ceiling fan - not sure what type you have. The West Corporation trained and certified him to handle customer support for home appliance clients. before the repair of motor ( which in practice is only to be disconnected and asked for replacement in a repair shop near you. Also even if I can't get the blades turning again is there a way I can at least get it to turn back and forth or is it all tied in together? Many electric fan manufacturers state owners should never have to open the motor casing for any reason, including lubricating or oiling the internal components. The ECU signals the radiator fan to work at the precise time. Why the motor wont turn and fan will not come on. You don't often realize how important your kitchen exhaust is until it breaks down.It gets rid of smoke, moist air, and food odors. I was encountering a problem suddenly with my bedroom fan. And still, the motor won't start by itself.Was there a capacitor in the GFI protection unit?I'd wager on it.--> So Now The Question Is, "what kind and what spec of capacitor should I put in series with the motor where the epoxied protection module was located" ??? My Computer Fan is not working. (1995 Ford Mustang) temp guage goes up while car is still, at red light etc., and goes down to normal when moving. The openings in the rear metal guard need to have full and free air movement; otherwise, the motor will overheat and eventually fail. Place the suction end of the vacuum cleaner's hose on the face of this grill to pull dust away from the motor and out of the housing. It would hum when I turned it on but i'd have to spin it to get it going. NOw it's rotating smoothly and without friction sound. Hi tipidshop - I think you've burned out your motor - does it still hum when you turn it on? Hi sir Archie! Should the gap between the rear of your stove and your wall be less than 150mm (6”) then move the Ecofan forward, along the side of the stove and turn it in slightly. God bless!!! The electric heater fan is responsible for pushing hot air out of the unit, which causes the back draft to pull new air in.The air is circulated this way to keep the unit from overheating and help it maintain the proper core temperature. The lights work. hi xtian! Though other things plugged into that cord are fine. Best Seller Commercial Electric Assorted Cable Ties (650-Pack) Model# 4+8+11in UV tie $ 9 88. Your computer screen just turn black or blue, even worse, it just burn your CPU, and you can only change a CPU. 24 in. I actually have a fan with the same problem. Depends on your model, but I would unplug it and find a way to disassemble the fan to check the wiring to the fan motor and switch. Nice Blog…Mega Home Appliances is a leadingPedestal Fan Manufacturers in India and provider of a spread of Pedestal Fan that are available fantastic colors, a number of fashionable, vibrant styles and ingenious technology. Basically, the normal temperature does not go above 50 degrees. I bought a KDK stand fan (supposedly one of the best brand and the most expensive too), used it sparingly but 2-3 years later had to replace the capacitor and shaft. If your ceiling fan has stopped working, then it is obvious there is a problem. The Fan in the Freezer Compartment of the Fridge Is Not Working. Why your bathroom fan might not be working. I tried to turn it … Can anyone help me pls. It doesn't look /smell like something got burnt inside right? What you can do to test if your motor is still okay is to set your tester to continuity and check if the wires for 1,2,and 3 are still to the power lines (kind of hard to explain without pictures - I'll write an entry for it soon) - you could also bring it to a shop which sells fan motors and have them test it before you buy a new one. Viewed 45 times 1. I would recommend high temp grease as singer oil (and other low quality oils) tend to burn when subjected to heat and friction hence causing more damage to your shafts and bushing. belt-drive fan from Commercial Electric is a prudent choice for just about any industrial application. I didnt put the front louvre so i can touch the motor from the vent holes to see if it heats up–––and it did in just 30 mins of use, Is it normal to heat up? These types of bearing can last a very long time if they are kept oiled. It works via an isolator switch and comes on when the bathroom light is switch on. Reset the GFI; no joy. If so, where is it likely to be ? Free delivery. Commercial Fans” be thoroughly read prior to any investigation. Its like a clog motor trying to run smoothly and just last night we wake up (with my wife) that said fan is just humming but not rotating anymore. . Then we move on to other types of fan problems, such as wobbling, humming, and failure to turn properly. A sluggish fan does not usually mean the bushings are bad; it could just mean that they need lubrication, OR they were lubricated with an improper oil. thanks for the tip. Thanks for this information!92025 electrician92083 electrician, Wow great information. Seems the problems there. Thx to this. Heavy Duty 2-Speed Direct Drive Tilt Drum Fan This 24 in. With the fan unplugged, remove the grill, and put a drop or two of 3-in-1 oil on the fan shaft and let it run inward toward the motor. Be careful when working on your fan while it is plugged in okay - you might electrocute yourself. Get the best pedestal fan company in India, Very informative post thank you so much. You will need a tester to know which is which. You could post where you live and some of the other readers might know a shop near you. If your recessed light is not working, these common issues could be at play… Why is My Recessed Light Not Working? Met White is the main maker of Ceiling fans. CAUSE: Another cause of electric heater not working could be an issue with the electric cord. I've done the usual, looked for a fuse both under the dash and bonnet. 1821 East 40th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44103 Phone: 216-241-2886 Fax: 216-241-1734 Email: I'm glad it helped you Prosopis! Clean the fan out well before you oil the bushings, one on each side of the motor, and push the shaft in and out to free up any gum on the shaft. I've got the manufacturer and motor model number and still no luck. Using a test light or a multimeter set on volts, unplug the blower motor. This is a very useful and helpful tips by you. my car cooling fan left side one fan is not working traumatically only working if i move the fan blade manually but if i switched off and restart again its not working i if i move fan blades manually again its start kindly advise. Mine is a box fan, at first it suddenly rotate slowly until it come to full stop. No more rubbing. You can check this by trying to turn the blade - if it doesn't turn or rotate freely, you need to replace your shafts and bushings. You usually buy these at shops which sell electric fan parts (blades, housing, etc). Check your house's fuse box for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. 6-in-1 Screwdriver. good pm po! Can't you just re oil them or something? I've scoured the web and I can't find a thing. The fan is interconnected with various other oven controls and regulators, sometimes appearing as though it has a mind of its own. I found an oil that works great-it's SUPCO MO-98 Oil in a ZOOM SPOUT oiler. Today there is no more hum and it's really hot! Don't worry - fixing your fan won't cost you that much - the last time I checked a new motor costs around 150-250 pesos while bushings, shafting and other small parts will cost you another 50 pesos. I have 3 units fan pending repair and need thise type of bushing aasy. Bought another KDK desk fan, lasted only over a year. Since the spacers were slightly longer than the original ones, the motor's metal casing could not be screwed together. Any suggestions please, hi, the might be a loose screw somewhere (check them) or at the very worse, the plastic neck holding the fan to the base might have cracked - replacements are available and cheap. The spacer issue happened to me too! 6 Common Problems. Commercial Electric Products. tia. If your heater’s not working at all, check for a … UPDATE: I followed boholano's tip and out of the three fans that I have in the house which have the same problem, one got fixed. roll-around tilt fan from Commercial This 24 in. If this fuse fails, this could be a reason why your fan has operation troubles. Thought that since I had it apart it might be a good time to lubricate it (it _was_ running perfectly well.) The motor is clean, shaft and bushings are in good shape and rotates freely. Thanks for appreciating this post. Hi, been asked to look at a job because this guy was gonna change a fan yet he's told me that he turned off the lighting breaker yet the fan isolator is still live even tho the fans not switching now but it usually does with the lights. Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits . I am trying to open Asahi sb-6071 fan but the oscillator button has a kind of white ball inside to hide the screw. Really nice post thanks for sharing it. As in, wala akong maramdamang hum or buzzing sound sa fan kahit nakasaksak sa outlet. Its a CLASSIC fan from China. Where can we get the spare parts you mentioned here? It's pretty easy to incorrectly assume how this circuit works. Hi Joe, one of the culprits may be your shafts and bushings. You gave me the confidence to take it apart, and clean it. Too much oil can do damage to your fan since it attracts dust, it can also burn causing sludge, etc. When the starter solenoid/capacitor is going out, one can kickstart it, or give it a helping hand to get it running. I've a ten year old "Wind Machine" fan on a trunion that had never been cleaned and was blowing chunks of stuff around my bedroom. Get the best electric fan manufacturer in India, When people, there are plenty of issues that most people should be aware with in connection with the household's models. I suspect there must be plenty of gunk in the bushing or some hairs So i attempted to open the motor: Drilled the rivetts that secures the shell together––The shaft is still smooth and so are the front and back bushing. Ensuring that your fan maintenance is up to date and in good working order lowers the chances of it causing injury to those who need to be around them. The fan blades are behind metal guard on the back of the motor. but again trying to re-start and stops for a while. Does it still hum when you turn it on? Hi yung electric fan ko ayaw umandar kapag isang button lang ang naka press. Thank you for the very informative article. Broken belts are the most common cause of a grease hood not working properly. If so reset the circuit breaker. If it is not free wheeling, follow the steps in this post. thank you for your kind words. I wonder if you have any tips on how to troubleshoot the swivel of the fan. Hope you can help me . roll-around tilt fan from Commercial Electric is ideal for garages, basements, covered patios, workshops or even warehouse and factory stations. Circuit Breaker. This is why today we will be looking at what to do if your convection oven fan is not working. If you had a hard time turning the fan's blade - there's a good chance your bushings and shafting will also have to be replaced. I have an electric fan that runs freely when turned off but when turned on the fan stuck and won't turn 'twas like the rotor was magnetized by the motor because its very hard to turn the fan and the motor just keep on humming. do you have info on where i can buy replacement bushings? salamat, start by replacing the shafts and bushing bro.. :). Hi - should not be too not if you ask me. Any idea were it might be from?ThanksJohnnyMac, Very nice blog. Manufacturers design the knob for durability, but it can wear out and stick from overuse. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for sharing - comments like this make me want to blog again (fingers crossed soon!). Thanks a million in advance . How to Troubleshoot Electric Table Fans. Try some easy tips to troubleshoot your electric heater and get it working again. I'm thinking it might be alignment issues with the shaft, bushing and motor - try rafael's comment too about the capacitor - they're pretty cheap. Sir good day! Hello all. Follow the Power. Where people and machines need to be kept cool in the factory, warehouse or other large area - or to keep animals comfortable and remove stale air and odors from the barn - look to this rugged, power-packed air circulator. Hi, i am trying to fix our electric fan in house. 2 and 3 buttons nalang ang ang gumagana. I would suggest you replace the motor or closely inspect everything as there may be exposed wires in contact with the housing. Contact Form: Name * Company. After fixing our electric fan with your help, we now have a helicopter. When the motor seizes the fuse will pop and power will no longer run to the fan motor (prevents your fan … Ahh... geeze. It can also affect the insulating value of the winding insulation if it … I can't be lugging that thing around town figuring it out. Electric Fan not Working. So how do they work? The motor is buzzing but the rotor just dont spin. I only managed to pull the rear shell casing but not the front so i can expose the rotor but i dont have a tool for it so i just vacuumed whatever is exposed then applied motor oil on it. If you don’t see any hooks keeping the blade assembly together, try turning the … Thanks. Took it apart and tightened and lubed the crank drive. If your oven fan is not working, it is likely that your oven's fan or fan motor has become faulty. DO NOT USE automobile motor oil as it has detergent in it; use NON-DETERGENT oil when oiling electric motors that have brass or bronze bushings. If you hear a humming sound but the fan isn’t working, that’s a sign your fan is getting electricity. Hey ronald, it might be because of the wiring. All my fan wires broke of from all the 8 coils and I am try to figured out how to reconnect back all the wires to the 3 speed switch connections. When CPU fan does not run, it probably causes many troubles, including: 1. It is renowned for its excellence in manufacturing, service, and distribution operating in four business units. The motor doesn't hum conpletely. If the fan has a sleeve bearing and it has positioned at inclined angles for long periods of time, 1000+ hours of usage in this manner, the internal rotor will warp due to un even and insufficient lubrication as well as a buildup of carbon byproduct and the motor will eventually seize without much warning. I replaced it with a capacitor with a higher rating and it worked. Went from running smoothly to nothing at all. If its a big one, you need to have someone help you. When you say the swivel - is it the mechanism that allows it to oscillate (pane left and right) ? Each time you open the door even a crack, you'll not only lose heat, but, by design, the convection fan will cease spinning. When I pulled the shaft out I saw copious amount of brown-colored oil around the shaft and this has led me to discover the function of the pad, which is a reservoir for oil. If it is, let me know. Feel around the sides of the blade guards for clips that are holding the 2 parts together. 1. Going to be impossible to find replacements. thanks. I don't see loose contacts connecting the electrical components inside the fan. There are some videos showing people oil the bushings up. Last Friday the vent fan stopped working. There are a number of potential reasons for this problem, including mechanical as well as electrical. Best Seller Commercial Electric 4 ft. High Output 5200 Lumens Integrated LED White Wraparound Light 4000K Bright White 120-277V Energy Star Rated Model# 54677691 $ 89 97 $ 89 97. The quality of electric fans nowadays are bad. So, the bathroom fan does important work. This allows the food to cook quickly and evenly in a way regular ovens do not provide. Pull the fan’s electrical cord out to keep it from turning on randomly while you’re working on it. Over time, vibrations from a fan motor can loosen a plug from an older outlet, so check this first. I garbage picked a 60 year old superior electric vintage metal fan that wouldn't spin. Our fan is just small ceiling fan and it recently is having problem like re-starting after 3 to 4 hrs work/running. I have a portable fan that can use the power from an outlet to run the fan so it doesn't used the battery and charges it instead. The area where electric motors are operating must have a proper cooling system and a ventilation system should be there in case the cooling system stops working. Pull up on and fully extend the knob that controls fan oscillation if the knob appears to be stuck. Pano po ayusin yung electricfan namin. 2. A ceiling fan can stop working properly for a variety of reasons. Are you looking around for a superior Home maintenance services in the zone? Help. if not, i suggest you do so. You proceed at your own risks. Thanks sincerely, Greg, You can buy the replacement parts at Manila United Electrical located at 552 Ronquillo St. Manila, That's just amazing,..I really like your shared articles about this fan repair,.electrician blog, You have posted really very helpful informative post,.commercial electrician. Then nilangisan lhat n. Pgkturn on ok nmn sya. As per my suggestion Hover is the famous manufacturer and supplier of wide range of Stylish electric fans in India. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 7 months ago. I haven't turned my fan again coz im afraid it might make it worse. John But I think the shaft and bushing is seized up so the motor has a hard time turning it over. Quick question though, what will happen if i replace it with a capacitor with higher (or lower) rating? Motor capacitors store electrical energy for the motor to use. hey dude... i acccidentally pushed the button together for some time,,,and my fan can be fixed right? Unlike pressing a button or turning a dial, you literally are yanking and thrusting this knob in and out of the motor housing. When it’s not working, you want to fix it as soon as you can. I can feel that my electric fan has been struggling these past few weeks but kept on ignoring it.Then, just a couple of days ago, I woke up and found out that it already had enough. This comment has been removed by the author. It doesn't swivel evenly and sometimes it gets stuck on one side as it tries to still turn but it can't anymore (there's a knocking sound). We are well known Ceiling Fan Manufacturers in India. aside from that, wala naman syang problema. Replace fuse if blown; if not, proceed to Step 2. Do not place your Ecofan in front of the stovepipe or at the front of the stove. Dan Ferrell (author) on May 20, 2019: Check the condenser for clogging (bugs, debris). If your fan still does not work, don’t give up hope just yet. ENTER YOUR MAXIMUM ABSENTEE BID. Check fuses first. The fan itself works fine! Answer. Blower Motor Failure. Hey Archie! Power supply to the fan has stopped Well, this in most cases happens when there is a problem with the circuit breaker. Sometimes the dust dislodges and you don't need to disassemble the fan to get it working. $11.97. Good bad I didn't look for it a few days ago when motor couldn't turn the blade without a little boost from me. BTW great tutorial for fan repair really helpful! View. Step 2. I recommend trying this outdoors / with an extension cord so you're far from the fan when start it up. If you are located near San Pedro Laguna, you could try out Ohms in front of Watsons. The red one was connected to the other end of the capacitor. It should slide in an out easily a small amount. Its turning much faster now. Here are some of the most common reasons, and how to fix them: When the fan stops working, the air will simply sit and become stagnant, causing it to eventually overheat and burn out. Remove belt from motor pulley and power up motor, does it run smoothly? My fan stopped working today. PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with HOME DEPOT or COMMERCIAL ELECTRIC which has consumer products sold at Home Depot.

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