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Intro to Cultural Awareness Quiz: SCCMHA: 1. Put yourself to the test! Reference: Lewis et al (2011), p. 946, 1235 & Saunders, p. 48. Cultural Competence Self-Assessment Checklist www.rapworkers.com 1 Cultural Competence Self-assessment Checklist Adapted from the Greater Vancouver Island Multicultural Society Cultural Competence Self-assessment Checklist. EdChange Equity and Diversity Quiz – This is a diversity quiz from EdChange that highlights some great questions about equity and diversity. Learn more ». the concept of intersectionality that involves groups with unequal access to resources, services, and positions. Interesting and very funny, especially the ‘Made from the meat of a guinea pig’ option. helps to recognize prejudices, and assumptions about other people. We can’t guarantee that taking this quiz will increase your “cultural awareness quotient,” but it’s almost certain to raise your “enjoyment factor!”. We will discuss the answers when everyone has completed the quiz. Explain the situation and look for alternative ways to greet the person, such as nodding your head and saying, “Pleased to meet you.”. If you are a woman, it is appropriate to receive the sign of respect by holding your hands together, palms up, and curling your fingers toward you or bringing your palms together. Cultural Awareness is the same as Cultural Sensitivity. With all employees who need to improve their own awareness of cultural diversity issues through a structured assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. Exercise 1: Cultural Awareness Pre-Quiz 1. Assess your cross-cultural openness with this quiz. Your left hand is considered unclean, and offering it may convey disrespect. Politely evade her questions and change the subject to other matters. It refers to the system of meanings by which people make sense of their experiences. True False. 10. Equity and Justice Awareness Quiz. You are expected to settle your payment at the door. For this reason, and many others, it is so important for students to have a deeper global awareness and understanding of other cultures. Samoa. 21. Scroll To Start Quiz. Required fields are marked *. 5) After you make a purchase at a local shop in Botswana, the clerk prepares to return the change to you. There are 12 questions total. Cultural Competence Self-Assessment Tool . Study Mode . more successful. Cultural Awareness Assessment – Georgia Test your familiarity with a particular society, including geographic facts, major religions, history, security situation, social customs, and basic survival phrases in the dominant language of the region. We hope you share your stories with us about where you’ve been and what you’ve learned along the way. … Oh no! Why? To celebrate culture and diversity near and far, both literally in distance and figuratively in our hearts, we want to test your knowledge with these ten fun culture questions. 1. 5-10 points: Good job! addresses groups that have been overlooked in research and the design of interventions. 2. Do you have the drive, knowledge, strategy, and action-orientation to thrive in multiple cultures? In some parts of Africa, time is so fluid that it has three categories: now (an hour or more, no one really knows), just now (maybe an hour or less) and now now (if you are not in the vehicle at this moment, it will leave you in the dust). As the world becomes increasingly connected through technology and travel, modern businesses are becoming more and more multicultural. You didn’t eat all your food and your plate is not clean. Using the teach back method the nurse should do which of the following? You might also find a sign that says “Parking Full,” and well, you know what that means. What should you do? I am English but living in Ukraine. Awareness Quiz Please circle the correct answer for each question. Florida American Culture Awareness Quiz – This link is about American Culture, we may think we know ourselves but maybe not as well as we’d like to think. Cultural awareness positions people to be _____ _____ in both personal and professional relationships. Test your World Culture general knowledge and general awareness with our World Culture questions and … It’s best to respond politely and ask about your questioner’s relatives as well. : A Re-Perception Quiz (2013) This quiz contains quotations related to equity, diversity, and social justice. Thanks! In Botswana it is considered polite to show both of your hands when receiving something from someone else. Wait until she has placed the money on the counter before going to pick it up. This quiz and worksheet contain questions that will check your understanding of this subject. less successful. Learn more about our awareness trips! Cultural Self-assessment Questionnaire For each of the pairs of statements below, choose either A or B as most representative of your attitudes. Subscribe to our emails to keep in touch with Unbound. Posted on April 16, 2019 by Joe Grimm. Test Your Cross-Cultural Awareness. Present the information and clarify with closed-ended questions. Our Kansas City staff traverses the globe to monitor and support our programs, and they put together this informal quiz about different cultures and their traditions. Use this short quiz and printable worksheet to reinforce your knowledge of cultural diversity. Essay. To identify your attitudes and perspectives regarding cultural diversity. An American nurse tries to speak with a Korean client who cannot understand the English language. Cultural Awareness Quizzes - quizzes that test your general cultural awareness in both international and multicultural settings. When to Use the Diversity and Cultural Awareness Profile. Following this, the children form a line and, one by one, come to touch your feet. There’s always room for improvement, though, so feel free to ask about experiences and things that have surprised you. How should you communicate that to your fellow travelers? the concept of intersectionality that provides limited access or exclusion from different facets of the society such as a political system, labor market, or positions of power. 2) You’re meeting someone in India, and your first impulse is to shake hands. 12) When you arrive at work at your office in Colombia, you should: Say good morning to every person in the office/every person you see. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. 6) At a restaurant in Costa Rica, you have finished your meal and are ready to leave. Welcome to the Bias Busters site. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In many countries, having a lot of weight is a physical sign of wealth. Which population group should the nurse monitor most closely for liver cancer? Read our full comment policy. 3) A woman whom you’ve only just met appears very curious, asking about your parents, siblings, children (if you have any) and even some members of your extended family. Tell her that she’s crossing some personal boundaries. Test your knowledge of various cultural differences when traveling — and see if you’re ready to take off! these questions deal with self care and care provided to and by family members. helps to provide care to fit with patients' own values, beliefs, and traditions. Chapter 20: Cultural Awareness Potter: Essentials for Nursing Practice, 8th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.The nurse is attempting to teach a patient how to perform wound care for when he goes home. Say a general hello to the co-workers you pass by and go to your desk. 26. Often people are just being friendly. 0. 0-4 points: It’s possible that you may be offended at things that aren’t meant to be offensive. Questions are a real mix of work, travel, etiquette and culture. Quiz 9: Cultural Awareness. The division of the patients on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, occupation, class, and immigration status is called, The differences in health due to social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage is called. We do this manually, so you will not see your comment immediately after posting. After taking this quiz you will know how culturally sensitive you are. Q 1 Q 1. Subscribe to the Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Guide. Your email address will not be published. 20% c. 40% d. 60% 2. Classism and Poverty Awareness Quiz (2017) Downloadable Version of the Class and Poverty Quiz Downloadable ANSWER KEY in PDF Format. Bias Busters diversity quiz tests your cultural competence IQ. Law as well as culture. Pretty much any country outside the Western world. a. Repeat the instructions until the patient understands. Working side by side with people of diverse faith traditions in 18 countries, we bring people together to challenge poverty in new and innovative ways. question “Cultural Awareness” quiz to check for understanding LESSON Cultural Awareness: Knowing Not to Cross the Line General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers Part 2 11) If the physical properties of a solid do not depend on the direction, the solid is known as? Start studying cultural awareness quizzes. Business Culture Awareness Quiz Take the Cross-Cultural Biz Business Culture Awareness Quiz below and test your knowledge of international business norms. its primary goal is to provide care and restore an emphasis on personal relationships. Videoke is the Filipino version of the famous interactive singing game of Karaoke. In Costa Rica and many other countries, waiters usually bring your check only after you have asked for it. These are a few questions to stimulate your thinking about healthcare encounters and cultural competence. these questions deal with income and means of living. Answer each question in order then check your score at the end. Your email address will not be published. Give yourself one point for each correct answer. What are they saying? To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. A comprehensive database of cultural awareness quizzes online, test your knowledge with cultural awareness quiz questions. Think about the health and dietary practices of each cultural group and note the ages of each client in the options to direct you to the correct option. Nursing . Your answers will not be shared. Question 1. Purpose: The Equity Quiz illustrates how our perceptions of reality, and the "facts" we are taught through media, the education system, and other sources of information and knowledge, can be limited in depth or simply wrong. Cultural awareness begins with developing a sensitivity and understanding of your students' beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and values. Do you have social relationships with people from different religions, cultures, ethnicities and/or … answer choices . 11-12 points: Congratulations! You still have not received the check, however. The Culture Quiz; The Celebrity Quiz; The Feedback Quiz; Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Podcast; Get in Touch; Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Youtube; The Culture Quiz. This goal of nursing is to provide care that fits with the patient's own values, beliefs, and traditions. these questions involve inquiring about a problem and its effect on life and the family. Asking the patient if there is someone with whom he or she would like the health care team to discuss his or her care is an example of what type of question. It would be considered rude to bring it before then, as you might think they want you to leave (isn’t that what most U.S. restaurants are trying to do when the waiter says, “Here is the bill; whenever you are ready”?). To play this quiz, please finish editing it. What should you do? Copyright © 2018 Unbound All rights reserved | Privacy policy | Child protection policy, About us Awareness trips Planned giving Parish visits Employment Newsroom FAQ, 92.7% program support  3.9% fundraising  3.4% administration. Felita, Thanks for your comment. How do you try to understand ethnic and cultural issues? help to reduce mortality, complications, and inpatient readmissions. There’s always room for improvement, though, so feel free to ask about experiences and things that have surprised you. Unlock quiz. Short Answer. You’re increasing your cultural awareness. the context in which groups of people interpret and define their experiences relevant to life transitions. If your business has an international outlook or staff from different backgrounds, working together respectfully is beneficial for business. To help you understand the potential consequences … 11) Say that you are in Africa, and you need to get to a specific destination immediately. Wipe off your right hand before offering it. It is rude to interrupt people while they are working. How do you interact with people of other cultures? Read More. This questionnaire is intended to help identify your cultural competence training needs. 1) People say that you “have a lot of weight.” It’s actually a compliment, though you may not feel that way. b. As an OD tool to uncover perceptions about the organization in regards to commitment toward cultural diversity. Cultural awareness definition: Someone's cultural awareness is their understanding of the differences between themselves... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Be proactive when it comes to learning about the different cultural backgrounds of your students. Offering your left hand is an insult in many countries, especially India. Delete Quiz. CQ Test Measure your cultural intelligence in 10 minutes using this free tool. What is the appropriate response? Cultural Awareness is best described as: a. Loving all people b. Be social. 9. Try learning a little more about the culture you’re going to visit before traveling there. Cultural Competence Quiz This is not a test. Hold your hands together, palms up, and curl your fingers toward your body. All Questions. In many Latin American countries a general greeting can be considered rude, so it is usually best to greet people individually. I found this exercise quite interesting and informational! Cultural competence refers to the ability to work in ways that recognize and respect culturally based patterns of behavior and the cultural strengths associated with people and ethnic communication different than your this is required to recognize biases, prejudices, and assumptions about other people. You may find there’s a simple answer behind every previously mysterious gesture. (If the person is older than you, the actions are reversed: you bow your head or touch their feet, and the elder will either cup her hands or lift his hand in blessing.). Ordering a hot dog plain, or with “just mustard,” is met with looks of confusion. A person's cultural beliefs, values and practices can be determined by knowing which group(s) they belong to because there is almost no variation among the members of a group. Cultural awareness is essential in the business world. Our online cultural awareness trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top cultural awareness quizzes. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, what is the percentage of U.S. schools with no teachers of color on staff? Hawaii. Unbound is an international organization that serves sponsored children, youth and the elderly in 21 developing countries. Find out by testing your Cultural Quotient below. Not Answered. It is appropriate to take a gift, plate of food, or your change with one hand while cradling it, or your elbow, in the palm of the other. It can be challenging to build professional and personal relationships, to adapt to local norms and to avoid making cultural mistakes or causing offence. helps in recognizing biases, prejudices, and assumptions about other people. This activity requires 20-30 minutes. 0. Cultural Awareness Quizzes Some fun online quizzes that test your general cultural awareness. In Venezuela and some other countries, the word parking has been adopted into the Spanish language. Quiz takers try to guess who, among the multiple choice options, uttered the words. Business Culture Quizzes - more for the travelling business person, these quizzes inform and test on conducting business. Knowing and understanding cultural differences & similarities c. Teaching others that your culture is the best d. Making others aware that they are different than you are 2. Take time to answer each question before scrolling down to see the answer. involves the concept of overlooking a particular group. 3. You’re increasing your cultural awareness. You’re quite the international traveler. -Jordan Kimbrell, writer/editor, This is great. 1. a. These include events such as birth, illness, and dying. 10) If you are singing songs with your friends on a Videoke machine, which country are you in? A long line of cars. Central American countries, and some African countries, Pretty much any country outside the Western world. However, your right hand is not very clean. I would love to visit the Philippines and do Videoke because I love Karaoke. We may speak the language but often we lack the cultural awareness and skills to be successful. World Culture General Knowledge Quiz. Intercultural Quiz Many of us think we are well-equipped to live, work or study overseas. help to assess social, cultural, and biophysical factors that influence patient treatment and care. Who Said It? is a concept of intersectionality that involves the groups with a larger system of power and more privileges than other groups in the society. You’ve traveled to … ? In several South American countries, including Brazil and Chile, hot dogs and even pizza are normally eaten laden with toppings such as chopped veggies and many condiments. Surely they are all trying to park, too. 4) When ordering a hot dog in Chile or Brazil, you should be prepared for it to be …. Have you caught the travel bug yet? Learn what's going on around the world and with the families we serve. B.) It is customary in Mexico and many Central American countries to say “Buen provecho” to your own table before beginning a meal and to anyone else you see eating. Give short, general answers and inquire after her family. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. 7) After arriving in a Santali tribal village in Bihar, India, you are ushered into the village amid singing and dancing, seated, and your feet are washed by some of the villagers. Read up on the cultural characteristics, history and customs of your students' native countries. What should you do? A.) Go straight to your desk. involves the motivation to learn from others, accept the role as a learner, and be open to and accepting of cultural differences. To many Americans, this may seem strange at first. We’ve noted this phenomenon in countries as diverse as the Philippines in Asia to Kenya in Africa (and South/Central America). A nurse is working at a health fair screening people for liver cancer. I get so annoyed hearing ‘But in (name country) we …..’. The goal of this is to provide care to fit with the patient's own values, beliefs, and traditions. This quiz is incomplete! 5. That checklist was created with funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. See how you score then visit our services section to learn more about Cross-Cultural Biz and our training and consulting services. 8) When eating at a restaurant in Mexico, you will likely be told “Buen provecho” by anyone who passes your table. Guam. Try learning a little more about the culture you’re going to visit before traveling there. 5-10 points: Good job! It may not be feasible to wipe off your right hand, either. 9.3 Cultural Diversity Awareness Questionnaire Purpose. (Please note that Unbound does not have a project in Botswana, but we found this interesting and wanted to include it.). You should consider going on one of our awareness trips to the Philippines. This holds true for a number of regions. A group of my friends were cracking jokes with racial slurs. If you are a man, you are to raise your hand over the child as a sign of blessing. About This Quiz & Worksheet. Lift your hand over each child OR hold your hands together, palms up, and curl your fingers toward your body, depending on your gender. This quiz will help you understand how much you have to grow to become a culturally competent adult Take this quiz! these questions refer to ethnic background and history. In this U.S. state, it's considered rude if you remove the lei immediately after the residents put it on you. It looks like your browser needs an update. 9) If you need to park your car in Venezuela, what should you look for to identify a parking lot? It would be a great chance to meet our sponsored friends in the area and learn more about the Filipino culture. 1A 1B 2A 2B 3A 3B 4A 4B Although people may speak different languages and dress in different ways, beneath the surface everyone is the same. Served without a bun, but still on a plate. Great blog. Each issue will focus on a different situation outside many of our comfort zones. How diverse is your social circle? Unbound is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Test-Taking Strategy: Focus on the subject, those with a high risk for diabetes mellitus and obesity. I do get annoyed by missionaries who don’t take the differences into consideration, but expect things done their way. Many people from different cultures see you as an extension of the family unit, not as an individual. 0% b. You might feel strange interrupting complete strangers, but it is appropriate to wish them a good meal. To help you become aware of and understand your prejudices and biases. We reserve the right to approve or reject any comment. This quiz is incomplete! Multiple Choice. 0. Asking the patient what he or she does to keep him- or herself well assesses the patient's, Asking the patient with whom he or she lives assesses the patient's, Asking the patient what he or she thinks the reason is for an illness is an.

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