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Both disease can look very similar, especially in the early stages of the disease. This guarantees that what you eventually harvest resembles what you paid for. 5 Steps to Potato Planting Success Select a certified seed potato variety and sprout potatoes until they are approximately 20-40mm long. Before planting expose seed potatoes to light to start shoots growing. Grow in bags, containers or in the ground. Contact Us +64 3 322 8117. } In trenches 20cm deep, space tubers about 30cm apart with their sprouts pointing upwards. Second Early Potatoes. VERSATILE EARLY SEASON ALL PURPOSE POTATO SUITABLE FOR PRE-PACKING AND PROCESSING INTO FRENCH FRIES. There are various ways to provide the nutrition potato plants thrive on. A long handled hoe is the easy way to keep the rows free of weeds as you mound the soil around the plants as they grow. An excellent, firm potato for early cropping. Potatoes vary in size, shape, color, texture and time to maturity. Potatoes (Early) Growing Guide Crop Rotation Group. Taewa were brought from South America to NZ in the late 18th century by Europeans. All potato plant varieties may be planted in March or April whether early season, midseason or late-season potatoes. Growing potatoes really is child's play - here Manawatu school pupils plant them in buckets. These will eventually form the above-ground parts of your plants. Early potatoes start arriving in garden centres in June or July. Learn more. Fertile, well drained soil that has not been amended with manure for at least 6 months. Rocket is the fastest producing of early varieties and provides a good yield. Cliff Kidney: Tinged pink. Avoid direct sun as this can burn or par-cook the seed! Early blight of potato is a common disease found in most potato growing regions. Ideally potatoes should not be grown in the same soil more than once in three years. a.tip:hover { Great for growing in containers. They Early to early-main crop Yield Medium to high yield Tubers Medium uniform tubers Long-oval shape Yellow skinned with light yellow flesh Very shallow eyes Low susceptibility to growth cracks, very suited to free draining soils Eating Quality Suitable for early and early main washing and prepacking markets. As soon as the first tubers are big enough, even if the flowers are still open, you can gently loosen the soil, reach under the plant, and take the largest tubers, leaving the tiniest ones to keep growing. Search the full article stories - it's takes longer, digging deeper and will likely find more articles than a "quick" search. Veggie Boys Dunedin owner Marty Hay said a shortage of seed potatoes in the city, including Jersey bennes, meant people might be growing fewer of their own early potatoes this year. Early and late refers to when they are more likely to appear, however the two can appear at the same time. This is because potatoes are susceptible to diseases. a.tip span { There are several schools of thought about planting spuds. Potatoes prefer a lower pH than most vegetables. Every potato grown this way is effectively a clone of the original plant bred way back whenever – in some cases hundreds of years ago. A sunny patch of soil, a tub, a bucket or a sack is all you need to grow a satisfying crop of potatoes to harvest in time for Christmas. padding: 5px 20px 5px 5px; Potatoes can be planted once the risk of frost has passed. Without light the sprouts grow long and weak which break off too easily at planting time. Maturity approximately 80/90 days. Full sun. New Zealand was one of the first countries in the world to register MIRAVIS in potatoes. Larger ones can be cut in half but this can make them susceptible to fungus diseases. 90 days. For best results, potatoes need full sun and well-drained fertile soil. NZ Bulbs has 12 different varieties of seed potatoes available including well known varieties like Jersey Benne, Agria and Rua. Police are investigating a 'sudden death' after a body was found in a duck pond in Porirua ... read more, Lynda Hallinan: The best early potatoes for Kiwi gardens, 5 tips for making your garden flourish with heavy clay soils, Straight out of Auckland: Families leaving behind the commutes, house prices and traffic of the city for a new life, Military managed isolation sleaze: soldiers sent packing for inappropriate conduct, US ambassador Scott Brown, Trump's defender-in-chief, is leaving New Zealand with his own Kiwi dream, Anger, violence after fake money handed out in '$100k cash drop', Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: December 6, 2020, Photos show broken glass after gun fired at central Auckland rooftop bar, All Blacks officially clinch Tri-Nations title as Australia, Argentina draw in Sydney, Elizabeth Zhong homicide: legal stoush with creditors over 'major misappropriations', Auckland pensioner wins his fight against 'zombie loan', Monolith mystery solved: Stunt artists seemingly claim responsibility, offer to sell them for $63K. Early potatoes start arriving in garden centres in June or July. The idea is that by mounding you increase yield because tubers arise from the buried stems, so the more stems underground, the more spuds. Harvest approximately 10 weeks from planting. And gone are the days when you were obliged to purchase a 2kg bag … All-purpose potato suitable for boiling, roasting, salads. READ MORE A range of early potatoes from Lynda Hallinan's trial crop. Not usually required if plants are deeply mulched with straw, grass clippings, rotted leaves, or another organic mulch. A good sized seed potato is about the size of an egg. Varieties which tend to be waxy are most early, new season potatoes; Nadine, Draga, Frisia, Jersey Bennie, Red King Edward, Highlander, Osprey, Tiffany, Annabelle, Gourmandine and Marilyn. PÅ«hā and pork bones, a well-known Māori dish, is often served with potatoes. Early harvest waxy potato suitable for boiling, salads, casseroles, soups. To get a bumper crop always use certified virus free seed potatoes and plant after frosts have passed in early spring through to early summer. Late and early blight are foliar diseases that can devastate potato yields for which the Bayer fungicides, Reason and Infinito are highly effective control options. The new potatoes form between the seed potato and the soil surface, while the leaves manufacture energy for their growth. text-decoration: none; In the 20th century pigs and potatoes remained important for hospitality. With the implementation of FSANZ Standard 1.2.7 in January 2013 there are new opportunities for promoting the nutrition and health benefits of foods.. It's important to know that spuds hate heavy, wet soil and will show their antipathy by dying outright or delivering crops of oddly formed, half-rotted tubers (although some cultivars tolerate the wet better than others). The disease is caused by the fungus Alternaria solani, which can also afflict tomatoes and other members of the potato family. Rocket is a good boiling potato with waxy texture. Small, new potatoes. Most potatoes can be harvested when the plants start to flower. Swift is fast growing with exceptional taste, great for growing in containers. Seed potatoes look like regular potatoes but smaller. If growing potatoes in sacks or containers, use a good quality container mix and make sure the container is adequately drained. Moemoe: A round/oval potato with a light purple/cream skin and cr… Midseason potatoes can be planted as late as the first of July, … Early, Main Crop, and Salad – and when they’re ready is variety dependent. It is very productive. Search just the article name and introductory paragraph; it's quicker, a "once over lightly". Location. Buy seed potatoes fresh each year for bigger crops and less risk of pests and disease. Moderate starch and not too floury or waxy. Jersey Benne: White. When starting out as a potato grower it’s fun to try a few different varieties as they vary greatly in texture and flavour. Then partly fill the trench, covering the tubers with just 5-10cm of soil. Those saved from the previous year, or bought at the supermarket might grow but the yields are likely to disappoint. Swift potatoes are the earliest of the first early potatoes and they are ready for harvest, if conditions are correct, 10 weeks after the seed potatoes are planted. sun-kissed fields of Cornwall and Jersey, both flanked by warming seas and blessed with rich, chocolatey soils. Plant up from the end of February to late May. STEP 1: BUY SEED POTATOES Potatoes are generally propagated via tubers. Lay the tubers in trays and place them in a light airy place, not a dark cupboard. READ MORE: * Lynda Hallinan: The best early potatoes for Kiwi gardens * 5 tips for making your garden flourish with heavy clay soils * What to do in the garden this week Although any supermarket-bought spud will grow, it's not a good idea to use the potatoes that are already in your pantry as seed spuds as they may be contaminated with any number of diseases which could affect your spud crop – and possibly your tomato, eggplant and pepper harvest too. Plant potatoes and tomatoes in different beds … The key factor governing the time for planting all potatoes is the date of the last frost in your area. 140 days. It is, for an early sort, a large, beautiful, oblong, white-skinned potato. Waxy potato suitable for boiling, salads, casseroles, soups. They vary in size and colour but tend to have a purple/blackish skin with yellow or white flesh. } With winter planting, pre-sprouting seed potatoes makes for rapid growth after planting. border: #c0c0c0 1px dotted; In Britain this means the (relatively!) The very best yields come from loose but moisture retentive soil. Prevention. The tubers (‘seed potatoes’) sold in garden centres are certified seed for guaranteed success. Try growing in the ground, in large containers or potato growing bags. Regular spraying with copper (once a fortnight) is an effective way to prevent disease problems. Bayer has a broad portfolio of products that control the key pests and diseases of potatoes. Early potatoes can be harvested all at once but you don’t have to wait that long. The process of seed potato certification involves field inspections throughout the growing season, to check for disease and to ensure that varieties are true to type, as well as a winter grow-out of the seed, to screen for disease contamination. 140 days. border-bottom: 0px dashed; cursor: help; This takes two to eight weeks, depending on temperature. Certified, disease-free seed potatoes can be bought from all garden centres, and though they may seem pricey they more than pay for themselves come harvest time, in so much as there will be a guaranteed harvest time! White flesh. Most potatoes can be harvested when the plants start to flower. Choose a relatively sunny site and dig lots of organic matter (such as compost and well-rotted manure) and fertiliser deep into the soil. Seed potatoes are small potatoes (usually fairly dried up and wrinkled) which are free of viruses and other diseases. Cliff Kidney performs best in soils that contain peat. There are 3 main types of potato. These potatoes are low in water content and high in starch. Maori cultivated the Taewa (potato) amd gave them Maori names. Is a waxy potato (great for boiling) with a ‘buttery’ taste. Seed potatoes are also grown for markets in the South Pacific and Thailand. Its only fault is its hollow eyes. General-purpose potatoes suitable for most us. * Some potatoes can be used for most end uses. The tubers (‘seed potatoes’) sold in garden centres are certified seed for guaranteed success. A general fertiliser or potato food can be mixed into the soil before planting. J There are 3 main types of potato. Syngenta offers a range of crop protection products for potatoes. LOCATION J Potatoes grow best in a warm sunny position. They have a dry and delicate texture, break up easily when cooked and absorb a lot of liquid and flavour. Potatoes grow best in a warm sunny position. Near harvest time keep the soil mounded to prevent tubers being exposed to the sun. Don't leave them to form fruit (unless you want seed – which can be grown on with mixed results) as this may lead to smaller spuds. For example, Early Crops and Salad potatoes should mature within 3 months, and Main Crops within 6 months. Solanaceae (Potato and tomato family) Soil. Johnny's sells Maine Certified Seed Potatoes. Growing your spuds directly in ground remains the most popular method. Potatoes 03.12.2019 MIRAVIS® is a powerful new SDHI preventative fungicide from Syngenta containing ADEPIDYN® approved for the control of early blight (target spot) in potatoes. Early potatoes will be ready to harvest in a certain number of days-second early and main potatoes are ready when the plant flowers and dies. Early potatoes are planted at a time of year when the soil is still chilly, so sprouting or "chitting" your seed potatoes first also helps break their dormancy and guard against rot. You are more likely to get a good crop from certified seed potatoes. Dug fresh from the garden, they’re a melt-in-the-mouth delight that taste so much better than shop bought ones. A good keeper. Potatoes NZ Inc. commissioned Plant & Food Research to carry out a literature review to gather as much information as possible in order to provide the NZ potato industry with the current nutritional composition and health benefits of potatoes. A range of early potatoes from Lynda Hallinan's trial crop. Frost tolerant. The most common varieties available would be Agria, Fianna and Red Jackets. However, some potatoes need more room than others to grow. Heavier soils can be improved by adding compost or gypsum. High in water, low in starch, firm and ideal for “new potatoes”. But the traditional trench makes for easy management. Planted in mid-winter, they may be ready to eat as early as October or November. Prepare your soil with organic matter like compost and sheep pellets. The Tomato and Potato Psyllid  (TPP)  gets active when the weather warms up in late spring, but covering potato plants with bug net to block these tiny bugs laying their eggs has been show to improve yield and quality despite the presence of this dreadful pest. For example, Early Crops and Salad potatoes should mature within 3 months, and Main Crops within 6 months. }​. Early potatoes can be planted in rows just one foot (30cm) apart, while maincrop potatoes need … Growing Potatoes: Early, Midseason and Late Varieties. Seed Potato and Product Suppliers. left: 0px; Parentage 002/9 x V394 Breeder NZ Plant & Food Research Breeder's Representative Eurogrow Potatoes Maturity Second early to early main crop between Ilam Hardy and Moonlight Yield Very high. text-decoration: none; Some claim piling up earth around the stems dramatically improves crops, but I've found that seed spuds planted relatively deeply (20cm) in loose, well-worked and, most importantly,  well-drained soil will crop comparably with those rigorously mounded up. a.tip:hover span { Care must be taken not to plant the seed potatoes too early, however, as the pieces may rot in overly damp soil, and likewise, if planted in March, they stand a chance of being frozen back by a late frost. Crop rotation is the most important way to avoid disease problems like blight. When the shoots are about 3-5cm long, rub off all but the best four from each tuber. Liseta has excellent taste. Potatoes need not be planted in rows. Any potato will grow in ground that is moist, fertile and well-drained. Potatoes are easy to grow especially the new early varieties which mature quickly, are disease resistant and require less space to grow that the main crop varieties. Early potatoes are not suitable for storing in the ground as their skins are too thin and they become susceptible to scab. Early, or new potatoes are fast and easy to grow. These good all-rounders have a moderate starch content and are not too floury, not too waxy. margin: 10px; Keep the soil moist as the potatoes grow, most importantly at flowering time when the baby potatoes are forming. width: 250px; They also require much less space to grow than later varieties, so are ideal for small gardens. Potatoes are traditionally planted in rows that have had soil mounded up. Keep the top half of foliage uncovered. For this reason, she suggests keeping a record of your planting dates so you know when you can start digging around the plants to check for baby tubers - about 60-100 days after planting. A number of types of potatoes which were introduced early became strongly associated with Māori, and are now known as Māori potatoes. Virus Diseases Gypsum helps loosen clay and compaction without upsetting the soil pH. Harvest approximately 13 weeks from planting. Web Design by Activate. Benefit from 'chitting' prior to planting. Look for these products, tips and advice at a. What is Potato Early Blight? Heirloom Potatoes and State of Maine Variety Once the shoots reach 40-100mm long, its time to plant. Potatoes are the most widely grown and important vegetable crop in New Zealand. Feeding. Companions Water early in the day so that the leaves have time to dry before nighttime. They grow just as well in rounded mounds. After a few weeks, shoots will start to appear. In earlier generations, Kiwi gardeners chose potatoes as their first crop for a new section because they're easy to grow and are good at breaking up heavy or previously uncultivated soil. Well-rotted animal manures also provide effective nutrition but are best placed below the level of the tubers where the roots will reach them, taking care not to have tubers in direct contact with concentrated fertiliser. Desiree: Pink/red. Rotate your crops. 100 days Early cropper. Chitting is the very simple process of laying seed potatoes out on newspaper or straw in a dry, airy place out of direct sunlight. Before planting, seed potatoes can be "chitted". Van Rosa. Although not essential, it hurries things along, and greatly reduces the chances of the seed spuds rotting in the ground. J Potatoes can be planted once the risk of frost has passed. STEP 4: GET THEM IN THE GROUND Plant the tubers in trenches and gradually mound up the shoots as they emerge. No. You can grab some from your local garden centre or, if you’re a fan of online shopping like we are, head to NZ Bulbs and get some delivered direct to your door. } The growing and packing of seed potatoes is carried out on farms within the area of the Canterbury Plains. Small, new potatoes. First Early Potatoes. Early, Main Crop, and Salad – and when they’re ready is variety dependent. ©2020 New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated. The earliest ‘new’ potatoes found in the grocery store are usually grown on sun-facing slopes in mild climates. As crops grow cover with mesh to protect from frost and pests. One of the advantages of growing potatoes during cooler weather is that pests and diseases are less of a problem. For an early crop you want to mimic, as best you can, these sorts of conditions. Those saved from the previous year, or bought at the supermarket might grow but the yields are likely to disappoint. Plant up from March to late May. Swift potatoes will not discolour or disintegrate on steaming. Swift: White. Consider swapping and sharing with friends if you only have space to plant a few. 100 days Early cropper. Start chitting potatoes in August to give them a head start for September planting. background: url(../images/status-info.png) #f0f0f0 no-repeat 100% 5%; display: none top: 10px; Heirloom Potatoes and Shaw's Early Variety An English potato variety, much employed for forcing, and extensively cultivated in the vicinity of London for early marketing. However, in her trial of early potatoes for NZ Gardener, Lynda Hallinan noted: "The old rule that you can harvest potatoes anytime after flowering doesn't hold true for earlies, as most are shy to flower.". z-index: 100; display: block; This is because potatoes are susceptible to diseases. Taewa take approximately 17 weeks to harvest, from planting Huakaroro: Round, oval with a cream skin, and cream flesh. It will likley find fewer articles than a "deep" search. Location. Growing Potatoes. position: absolute; Add a layer of vegetable mix to plant into. Position. Nadine: White. Early potatoes "chitted" in an egg carton and ready for early planting, Early shoots - mound over with soil to protect from frosts, Soil mounded around the shoots as they grow. Learn more. a.tip { position: relative

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