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- Hearthstone cinematic, "Always remember that power is a double-edged blade. [13], At an unknown but relative small amount of time after Deathwing's reemergence into Azeroth Jaina was requested to come to Dalaran by Rhonin and at his request took Kinndy Sparkshine as an apprentice.[49]. He said he was sent by Baine and warned Jaina that Garrosh was planning an imminent attack on Theramore Isle. In fact, the guards arrested her on sight to take her to the Lord Admiral, her mother Katherine Proudmoore, where Jaina would answer for her crimes. Jaina isn't huge, you're just really small! When Varian was about to give a speech at the Remembrance Ceremony, he was missing and Jaina with Mathias Shaw and Marcus Jonathan went to look for him. The staff is quite big and is meant to be post-processed. Jaina led the Alliance forces against Shan Bu in the final assault on the Thunder King's stronghold. She and Arthas came to share a strong friendship that lead to very serious romance. When Khadgar asks the Council of Six to let Horde mages back into the Kirin Tor, Jaina refuses, citing alleged atrocities and betrayals the Horde committed in the past. Power alone is not to be feared. With the Golden Fleet in ruins, the Alliance navy invaded Dazar'alor with little resistance. While Shaw moved to release Baine from his chains, Saurfang remarked that it felt too easy and the group was then attacked by Magister Hathorel, who sought to kill them and Jaina in particular for vengeance for the purge of Dalaran. Though triumphant over Azshara, Lor'themar declared it a hollow victory as not only did Azshara survive but N'Zoth was freed. [55] Jaina returned to Darnassus and while trying to discover how her traps failed,[56] found evidence that implicated someone familiar with the Kirin Tor and the Dalaran portal network to aid in the theft. Jaina ended the relationship with Kalec[23] and teleported out of the city, leaving the Kirin Tor in Khadgar's hands. Jaina retorted that she had not forgotten but reminded him how his father had once warned Vol'jin to uphold honor or be ended. There is a price to be paid for such a gift, and many eagerly accept the bargain. Control your power, or it will control you. Jaina attended a memorial ceremony in Stormwind that honored those that died in the War against the Lich King. The next base to go was Thrall's, and Jaina used her remaining energy to teleport Thrall from his base before Archimonde destroyed him, so that they could live to fight another day. She left just as the invasion of Lordaeron began, saving thousands of citizens before they met their doom. Her fireballs and frostbolts only hit for between 3k and 6k, while her melee swings can hit for close to 10k. The Kul Tirans and the Alliance have already endured much together. [70], Following the battle at Lordaeron, the Horde infiltrated Stormwind and freed two Zandalari prisoners: Princess Talanji and Zul. The Alliance forces watched helplessly as King Varian Wrynn sacrificed himself by distracting the Burning Legion forces so that the Alliance forces can fly to safety. Perith said that Baine wanted to return Fearbreaker to its rightful owner. He demanded that any true to the king stay with him and see to the town's destruction. On the ninth and final day of the trial, the accuser and defender presented their final arguments to the jury. Jaina and Khadgar went inside the tower to empower the commander's ring. After some initial awkwardness, Arthas and Jaina began rekindling their relationship, with the prince hoping that the two of them could finally get married once they had solved the mystery of the plague. Rhonin used a portal to hide Jaina so she could escape the blast. (Spoilers) - Duration: 8:49. When the war moves to the Underhold, Jaina assists Alliance agents in the battle against Kor'kron orcs. Kalec was glad to see her and Jaina congratulated Kalec on becoming a member of the Council of Six. Strangers often confuse Jaina’s independence and strength of spirit for a rash personality and headstrong disposition. Jaina was loved by her family and, from an early age, was filled with the joy of learning and the duties of a young lady, despite House Proudmoore's military background. Jaina then stated she would use the treaty itself before turning to the blade. To that Varian said he had only one question - whether she believed that Baine actually knew about the mana bomb. Varian stressed to her that the Alliance must act as one. Together with Vereesa Windrunner and the mages of Kirin Tor, Jaina went to Isle of Thunder in order to defeat the Thunder King and to prevent the Horde from obtaining his powers. Knowing the Alliance needs all the help it can muster for the war, she volunteers to return to Kul Tiras to beg aid of her mother, Katherine Proudmoore, knowing that there is a high likelihood of her own imprisonment. In response, Jaina expressed her belief that Sylvanas couldn't hide for long with Kul Tiran fleet scouring the seas and the SI:7 searching every dark corner of Azeroth. Thus, they subsequently met on a boat at seas off the coast Zandalar. Jaina makes her formal request to return to the Kirin Tor as a novice member, which they turn down... because they wish her to take Rhonin's place as leader instead. Jaina was devastated by Varian's death, growing more bitter and hateful towards her enemies. Anduin indeed used the hearthstone when he wanted to visit his "auntie" Jaina in time when she got back from meeting Thrall and later when Moira Thaurissan took over Ironforge. [39] Jaina then returned to Theramore, where she prepared for the peace summit, and ultimately welcomed Thrall and his advisers: Rehgar and Garrosh. Kalec told Jaina that peace is a noble goal for the world but it is also a noble goal for one's self. She was said to be interested in the tales of Aegwynn, one of the Guardians, at a young age. Wizard, Archmage (WRPG); Mage, Archmage of Kirin Tor (WoWRPG) [122] As part of the plan to attack Orgrimmar, Jaina and Thalyssra were ordered with shielding the army from a magical assault. Varian, Jaina, and Vereesa preparing to make landfall. When she returned with the Silver Hand at her back, Hearthglen was all but destroyed, and Arthas was fighting a losing battle. She asked Jaina if the reason she was glad she refrained was because, if she had released the tidal wave, she would have inadvertently wiped out the Alliance fleet. This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade. After the War of the Thorns, when Anduin Wrynn and Greymane led the charge against the Undercity, Jaina appeared when it seemed all was lost and the Alliance was surrounded by Sylvanas's blight. TCG image (patch 5.1), Shh...I'm trying to think here... (patch 5.1), Have you come to help the Alliance? Jaina froze for a moment before surging to her feet turning, and aiming her staff, already glowing with power, at the monstrous being standing before her. The prophet sensed her leadership abilities and urged her to take the people she could with her to the west, fleeing Lordaeron and her home country of Kul Tiras. Later Jaina, having somehow overcome her doppelganger, hit Warlord Zaela in the back with a fireball while she was fighting Varian. I will contact you immediately if we have need of your assistance. Later, Baine Bloodhoof sent a messenger Perith Stormhoof to warn Jaina about Garrosh's plans to conquer Kalimdor. She was subsequently taken to the Maw.[132]. “Lok’tar.” There were no further questions. Overhead, rope bridges ran between burrows in the canyon walls. [13] During the events of the trial of Garrosh Hellscream Jaina and Kalecgos, now having time to consider their relationship began to drift apart, with Kalecgos expressing concern that Jaina wasn't letting go of her hatred for Garrosh and the Horde and that it was beginning to consume her. When they attempted to rekindle, the Scourge invasion got in the way. The message read: It took some time for me to learn what happened in Dalaran. Defeat Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Battle of Dazar'alor on Heroic difficulty or higher, before the release of the next raid tier. The defenders instituted three bases going up the mountain in an effort to halt his ascent. In the vision, Perith was brought in to Jaina in her parlor. But Katherine, realizing that Daelin had lost himself, convinced Jaina to forgive herself for her actions. Jaina was in despair. Jaina intended to relocate the lizards to a largely unpopulated region on the far side of Mulgore, but was astonished to discover that the area was magically warded to protect its single inhabitant: Aegwynn. I apologize for being abrupt and not having a lot of time to exchange pleasantries, but my city must come first. Though she offered to help her mentor and the magi of Dalaran defend the city against the Scourge, Antonidas insisted that she tend to her other duties and lead what remained of her people across the Great Sea.[25]. She was unable to stop Varian and Garrosh from coming to blows however and King Wrynn left, refusing to work with the Horde at all after the events at the Wrathgate. When Varian and Jaina entered the temple the fighting was over and everyone else had managed to accept and defeat their alternate selves. Agreeing with Jaina's assessment Lor'themar revealed to her his vow to tell his people of what transpired in Nazjatar, of how Azshara fell because the Horde and Alliance stood together, of the rising threat of N'Zoth, and his promise to take his place besides Saurfang and Thrall. Jaina was subsequently invited to spend the winter in Capital City and began being treated as a member of the royal family, as everyone assumed that she and Arthas would marry and have children soon. Eventually, Rhonin told her that she was the future of the Kirin Tor before pushing her through the portal seconds before the bomb landed. Antonidas continued to disagree, and instead sent Jaina to meet with Arthas and investigate the plague at the northern village of Brill. Anatheron's defeat at your hands has delayed Archimonde from his objective, and brought us that much closer to victory. It is known for its size, blue crystal at the top and general look. [123] During the conflict, Saurfang challenged Sylvanas to a Mak'gora, which ended in his death and Sylvanas's abandonment of the Horde. Recognizing that there would no swaying him, Jaina told Anduin that clarity and time are the final editors of all stories, as she would know. She also felt guilt for planning to wipe out Orgrimmar but still firmly believes that Horde power, aggression, and influence should be checked. True to her expectations, her former kinsmen shun her as she enters the kingdom, and she is immediately seized by the guards. Not caring to think about the moral consequences, she climbed down into the crater where the Focusing Iris lay and hid it so that she could use it against the Horde. She realized that he had been right, and he encouraged her to gather her people and sail west for Kalimdor. Born three years prior to the First War,[14] Jaina Proudmoore was the middle child of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, ruler of Kul Tiras, and his wife Katherine. Jaina's new model as displayed on WoW's official website and announcement trailer for Battle for Azeroth. The renegade Horde traitor, Grand Apothecary Putress, was in league with Varimathras. When things started getting heated between Saurfang and Shaw, Jaina and Thrall were quick to get them focused on the task at hand. After dealing with the turncoat, they took on Zmodlor himself. Despite the tension, Thrall requested Jaina's aid in relocating a herd of thunder lizards displaced by a mysterious logging operation at Thunder Ridge. When he eventually did approach her, she was at such a juncture that her studies came first. Trained as the personal agent of Archmage Antonidas, the late leader of the Kirin Tor and Dalaran, she was sent to investigate the plague of undeath with Prince Arthas Menethil, her childhood friend and one-time romantic interest. 26 août 2018 - One of the most powerful magic-wielders on the face of Azeroth, the once kindhearted and compassionate Jaina Proudmoore has mastered the arcane arts, fought against demons of the Burning Legion and the undead Scourge, and gained a newfound fury towards the Horde after the destruction of her beloved Theramore. Kalec, as leader of the blue flight, unexpectedly donates the Iris to the Kirin Tor for safe-keeping. Kalec and Jaina kissed each other goodbye before Jaina portalled herself away. She stated that the Kirin Tor has a legacy of abuse and though members of the Kirin Tor have loyalties to both the Alliance and Horde, she hopes that they can trust each other to remain united in their mission to use power responsibly, despite if it conflicts with their faction's agenda. Jaina ordered Aethas to be handed over to her in return for Lor'themar's life, while Lor'themar demanded the release of the Sunreavers from the Violet Hold in return for Jaina's. Jaina assaulted Bladefist Bay together with Vereesa, Varian, Sylvanas and Lor'themar. Disheartened by Thrall's decision Jaina later returned to Theramore, but some time afterwards would be visited by the former aspect of magic Kalecgos who would request Jaina's aid in looking for the missing Focusing Iris; to which Jaina agreed to help him with this important endeavor. Jaina does not share the same accent as the rest of the Kul Tiran, including her family. Chi-Ji, now hovering above them, promptly stated that "The student remembers the lessons of my temple" and proceeded to heal Jaina and the other injured, giving them all the second chance that was intended for Garrosh. The people of Theramore built a highway which allowed her forces to move faster through the territory and send supplies to Alliance bases in Southern Barrens. [95], Though Kul'Tiras and the Alliance sealed their pact, Jaina wanted to cement their bond with a grand gesture. She is the daughter of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, sister of Tandred Proudmoore and Derek Proudmoore, and the alleged half-sister of Finnall Goldensword. Jaina is one of the four possibilities for a Time Anomaly summoned by the Tier 18 Raid Set. There, her expedition forces joined together with the night elves and the New Horde and defeated the Burning Legion during the Battle of Mount Hyjal. When Anduin tried some magic to make Sira tell him where Sylvanas was, the fear on Jaina's face shook Shaw to the core. [83] Using Azerite bombs stolen from the Horde, Jaina destroyed the invading ships. Seeking to help her brother, Jaina brought him to Calia Menethil. Eventually, the relationship ended as Jaina needed time to focus on herself.[139][140][141]. [11][12] She is the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, the former leader of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran, and of the port-city of Theramore. To Kalecgos' surprise, Jaina met with him one more time during his visit to the Antonidas Memorial. Wrynn feels that the Horde cannot be trusted, and so this inevitably places him and Jaina in a position of opposition. Jaina led a small expedition into the mountain, with the hopes of finding some power that could help her defeat the orcs. They would cover the area in a mist with the Abyssal Scepter, and until it was set up Jaina and Shaw provided support for Telaamon's forces. During this meeting, Calia and Derek learned that the war was over and it was implied that Calia and Derek had grown close. Female The crates bore the seal of Andorhal, the primary distributor of grain throughout Lordaeron. Although he initially refused to speak due to the oath he had sworn to Baine, after Baine explicitly ordered him to speak, he reluctantly did. We must continue to hold on for as long as we can! [93] To her absolute shock, Baine delivered to her, her recently resurrected brother, Derek Proudmoore. Jaina Proudmoore was born in 1989 by the Lord Admiral's Calendar (three years prior to the First War) to Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and Katherine Proudmoore, and her brother, Derek. Jaina and Vereesa Windrunner both accompany King Varian Wrynn's strike team to seize Bladefist Bay from Hellscream's forces and takes part in the Galakras encounter. This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 15:36. After the Legion's defeat, Jaina traveled to the ruins of Theramore where she thought back on the events that had led her here: leaving Dalaran, leaving Kalec, the bombing of Theramore, the Battle for the Undercity, and of course her father's death at the Invasion of Durotar. ), Greeting Shh, I'm trying to think here. Sep 5, 2019 - Explore SILVER.SERAPH.COSPLAY's board "jaina proudmoore cosplay", followed by 344 people on Pinterest. The subject of this section has been removed from, The subject of this section did not make it out of the. Jaina agreed to try to stop Varian, but warned him that it would not be easy — the late Highlord was like a brother to the king. LeystTV 389,501 views. Born prior to the First War, Jaina Proudmoore is the youngest child of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, Lord of Kul Tiras and longtime friend and ally of Lordaeron and the Kingdom of Azeroth. Thrall assured Jaina that the Horde had no official interest in a war against the Alliance and that he would take care of the traitor. While she felt loyalty to her father and her nation, her experience with the Scourge and the Legion convinced her that vendettas such as her father's were immaterial in the grand scheme. Jaina led a small expedition into the mountain, with the hopes of finding some power that could help her defeat the orcs. Varian looked up to see Jaina get shot through the chest, possibly by either a Northsea pirate or Shokia from the zeppelin, and collapse. This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft. The human survivors then founded the port city of Theramore, joining the Alliance led by Varian Wrynn, while maintaining peace with the Horde for several years. The apparition of Daelin turned his face to her before fading away. Following the defeat of the two captains, Jaina's allies rushed to her aid only to find her on the verge of defeat, with her former love viciously attacking her. The defense of Theramore is ill-fated: though the Horde's initial attack on Theramore was repelled, it was revealed that the entire ordeal had been a feint attack, in order to gather the best and brightest of the Alliance in one place, and then annihilate them with a Focusing Iris-empowered mana bomb. Eventually Arthas questioned whether the two of them were ready to be together. She found him dying at Stormwind cemetery but Anduin healed him. Tyrande then stated she had one more question before they ended court for the day. After uncovering a hole in the defenses of Icecrown Citadel through the Forge of Souls and the Pit of Saron, Jaina personally leads a team of Alliance champions to the Halls of Reflection in an effort to find the Lich King's weakness and possible redemption.[46]. But initially, their duties to Dalaran and Lordaeron forced them to put things on hold for a time. The previously defunct organization was re-established in order to aid Med'an in combating Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer. Asking Kalecgos to fly her and the Iris over the Horde capital, they can see the Horde's enthralled krakens nearly annihilating the Alliance fleet, which was sent to besiege Bladefist Bay and eventually Orgrimmar. Furious, Jaina returned to Stormwind City where she urged Varian Wrynn to attack Orgrimmar with full force. [23], That was the first time Jaina had contacted Kul Tiras since the aftermath of the Third War.[68]. Everyone was despairing, save for Anduin, who refused to stop trying to heal Jaina.

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