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I especially appreciated it for my early-morning flight, because I really wanted to sleep. Ahead of the holiday travel season, JetBlue Mint business class is getting a total refresh, featuring all-new meals, drinks, and amenities on flights in the U.S. and Caribbean. JetBlue A321 Mint Business Class Review. This area will permanently close, however, once the renovated North Mint/Mosaic check-in has reopened. The new Mint Experience is a wholesale, multi-faceted upgrade of the traditional JetBlue product. Although JetBlue is keenly plying its new Mint cabin on some domestic and current international routes, this product looks set to be a gamechanger on the London flights. JetBlue Mosaic upgrades. JetBlue Mint. With Even More Space seats you’ll enjoy up to 38″ of legroom. Pricing varies from ~$500 to $1400 based upon loads to West Palm Beach. It is, however, an expensive upgrade, so it really depends upon your budget. Benefits include no change or cancel fees, first and second bag free, early boarding, a complimentary alcoholic beverage onboard and more. To say Mint is a game changer would be an understatement, as JetBlue becomes the very first domestic carrier to introduce fully-enclosed lie-flat suites on the transcontinental route. For a fee, you have the option to upgrade to an “Even More Space” seat. A dedicated JetBlue Mosaic customer service phone # ( 1-877-JET-TRUE). JetBlue refreshes the Mint experience. At JFK, the contract lounge is the Airspace Lounge located in T5. And how’s the product? Still not bad if you ask me. The nominated Mosaic will enjoy all travel perks for one year on all of their JetBlue flights. (Update: Googled it, 30K/$1000 at time of writing). That's a great use of your points if you feel like stretching your legs. Mosaic customers must share the nominated Mosaic’s details with JetBlue here by June 1, 2020. JetBlue | TrueBlue - Got Free Mint Upgrades - JetBlue really impressed us last week. JetBlue already gives a fair amount of space while flying in their regular seats. Mint was first offered on the nation’s two premium transcontinental routes that link New York City with San Francisco and Los Angeles. By flying Mint class, you're only spending $66 extra in value, which is worth it in my opinion. JetBlue tends to reduce pricing at the last-minute if seats remain unsold. JetBlue is known for its generous legroom aboard its aircraft. I had checked in the night before using the JetBlue app, but proceeded through the check-in lobby on my way to the gate. Give Mosaic an earlier upgrade window too, but let just try not to do upgrades now! While free checked bags and 2X points on groceries is good, the ability to earn Jetblue Mosaic status via the Jetblue Plus card is the reason I keep the card. The most noticeable change onboard is to the seat. This means that the points value is a whopping 5-9 cents apiece. Benefit of Mosaic status include two free checked bags, waived change or cancellation fees (including those on Mosaic member’s itinerary), expedited security line, early boarding, free alcoholic drinks, bonus points and more. With these changes, JetBlue is partnering with brands like Delicious Hospitality Group, Tuft & … While having Mosaic status, JetBlue's only elite level, might not be as glamorous as having top-tier elite status with other airlines, some of the Mosaic benefits can provide tremendous value. JetBlue had never offered a First Class cabin until their Mint product launched in late 2014, and they didn't really update TrueBlue's Mosaic qualifications in response to it. In a fun piece on Gadling, writer Scott Carmichael points out some poignant ways to get upgraded on a flight (as well as some sure ways to not get upgraded). When checking in (we had checkin luggage so went … My wife and I were on an Economy revenue one way ticket SFO to JFK on Dec. 23. So if you are lucky enough to reach Mosaic status, using these inexpensive awards to upgrade to your seat should be a no-brainer. JetBlue is reducing the qualifying points and segment minimums by 50% for Mosaic level qualification. Fly in style with JetBlue Mint. JetBlue. In conclusion, I am impressed with JetBlue’s Mint, especially the price that it is charging now. Check-In. JetBlue Plus MasterCard My wife is Mosaic whereas I hold no status. It’s creating an experience that is as much a part of the holiday as getting to the destination will be, adding that certain je ne sais quoi that’s been sadly missing from long-haul airlines for a very long time. Even More Space seats are those roomy seats located either in emergency exit rows or at the front of a plane that offers passengers 38 inches of pitch. Mint customers will also find new bedding and “snooze kits” from Tuft & Needle, the company that made purchasing a … Value lost via Mint: = Economy flights value - Mint flight value = $180 * 3.75 - $609 = $66 "lost" Economy = 1.46 cents per point Mint = 1.32 cents per point. What flights have JetBlue Mint? San Francisco to New York for 11,900 points +$5.60 or JetBlue's fully lie flat Mint Class for 45,300 points + $5.60 JetBlue offers flights to 90+ destinations with free inflight entertainment, free brand-name snacks and drinks, lots of legroom and award-winning service. Pay with points to upgrade to Even More Space, a benefit only for Mosaic members. In June 2014, JetBlue unveiled Mint, its brand new premium cabin on select JFK-LAX flights. You can book JetBlue Mint seats on flight originating/arriving at Boston, Fort … The one-way ticket was $710. Mint, JetBlue's First Class option, ... Mosaic members can upgrade with 200-1,000 points. This is sometimes the most valuable use of your points in terms of actual return per point. Unfortunately, JetBlue does not upgrade Mosaic members to its popular MINT … If you have JetBlue Mosaic status (which we’ll talk about in literally ten seconds), you can upgrade your seat to preferred seating named “Even More Space,” starting at just 800 points. Mosaic Status 2020. Tuft & Needle created new bedding and snooze kits. Offered exclusively on a subfleet of the carrier’s Airbus A321 aircraft, Mint provides a true premium product to compete with the other four carriers flying in the transcontinental market. As a result of a status match/challenge promotion JetBlue ran earlier this summer, I was able to earn JetBlue TrueBlue Mosaic status for the remainder of this year. This service by Jetblue airlines is offered on Aircraft A321. Mint 2.0 debuted on November 18 with JetBlue expecting the new service to be standard across by the end of December. JetBlue Mosaic does not have an official upgrade policy but JetBlue is known to offer upgrades to the Even More Space seats when available. More JetBlue TrueBlue award flight examples: Seattle to Anchorage for 5,600 points & $5.60. That is a whole lot of legroom. Nominated Mosaics must be a TrueBlue member. Mint = $609 per way. Simple: It’s one of the best, if not the best, premium products in the domestic market, and it comes at half the price of its competitors’. With $599 one way, JetBlue can really capture a particular market for the upper middle class sector. JetBlue is making updates to its Mint product, including a new approach to dining, new bedding, new amenity kits, and new headphones. JetBlue’s Mint seats also have a limited number of mini suites. JetBlue, the budget-friendly airline that first shook up the idea of “business class” with its own Mint offering back in 2014, is now updating the award-winning service with a host of new partners offering everything from updated food and wine lists to custom headphones and a variety of wellness-focused amenity kits. ** It only takes around 3 transcontinental Mint round trips (i.e., $5000 in spending) to qualify for Mosaic. The Mint bed is extremely spacious and comfortable and the fluffy pillow and comforter create the perfect nap environment. JetBlue elite flyers, known as Mosaic Members, can redeem their TrueBlue points for an upgrade from a purchased economy ticket to a premium economy seat with extra legroom. However, one of the downsides to flying JetBlue is their lack of lounges. Carmichael claims that most of the tips on the information superhighway in this regard are “a mix of old information, incorrect information and … But a recent trip to Seattle via JetBlue’s inaugural Mint flight jogged this from my memory: Flying can be fun. Know-How Jetblue Mint Upgrade Takes Place: When you want to travel in comfort and take a rest while on the go then consider traveling with Jetblue Mint Service. Normally, JetBlue points are worth about 1.4-1.5 cents each, but they’re only worth about 1.1 cents when buying Mint tickets. JetBlue requires a minimum spend of 3,500 JetBlue rewards for a free flight. And it has the feature of lie-flat premium seats … Mosaic customers must share the nominated Mosaic’s details with JetBlue here by June 1, 2020. To earn Mosaic status, you need to spend $50K on the card in a calendar year. Nominated statuses will be in effect from June 15, 2020 through June 15, 2021. Even for Mint business class passengers or those holding Mosaic elite status, lounge access is not provided and you have to pay to use any of the contract lounges. Update: Some offers mentioned below for the JetBlue Card and JetBlue Plus Card are no longer available..

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