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After Kaia's killer is revealed to be the alternate reality Kaia who saves Sam, Dean and Jody's lives before escaping, Jody is left wondering how to explain what happened to Claire who she has been dodging since she first heard the news. In this future, Claire and Jody go after a nest of vampires that prove to be far bigger than expected, leading to Claire's death. Kaia Nieves/Claire Novak; Kaia Nieves; Claire Novak; Jody Mills; Alex Jones (Supernatural) Alternate Universe - High School; High School; Meet-Cute; Slow Burn; Pining; Useless Lesbians; Fluff; Pre-Season/Series 15; No Season 15 Spoilers; No Spoilers; Alternate Universe- No Supernatural… After Claire and the Winchesters return, Jody comforted Claire over Kaia's death while Patience realized that her vision had actually been of Kaia dying and Jody comforting Claire. In The Trap, God shows Sam what will happen if the Winchesters succeed in locking him away. Jimmy offers himself over to Castiel after his wife Amelia threatens to take Claire to her mother's if he does not get help. After her father's departure, Claire's mother went off to find herself and left her in the care of her grandmother. As a child, she was well-dressed and kept her hair long. Afterwards, Claire takes his angel sword, a weapon she is shown to use against suspected monsters in Sioux Falls and given a lore on monsters to help in hunts. As Claire tries to help her weak mother out of the barn, Tamiel, the Grigori that had been feeding off of her arrives and tells Claire that Amelia is beyond saving. However, Randy was in debt to a loan shark, Salinger, and when Salinger came to collect, Randy willingly gave up Claire to the loan shark, who attempted to force himself on her. In Ladies Drink Free, Sam and Dean find out that Claire has been secretly hunting behind Jody and Alex's backs. Dark Kaia tells Kaia that Kaia belongs in her world, not Dark Kaia and urges them to flee as the Bad Place is destroyed. This tender moment marks the first time these two are … Annoyed with Alex, Claire reveals that Alex and Henry are planning to sneak off to Jody's cabin to have sex to everyone's embarrassment. When Dean and Sam go missing Jody Mills calls Claire Novak and tells her to come home they need to find the Winchesters. Castiel remarked on something in Claire's blood making it possible. Unnamed fatherUnnamed mother †Unnamed aunt † Vessel (briefly) Thief (briefly) Hunter Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Claire found Kaia as she prepared to bolt and attempted to convince Kaia to help without success. Practically alone, Claire was forced to become more independent and commit several illicit activities. Free again, Kaia wandered the streets and accepted a ride from a man and woman who offered her help. Species With a Giant after them, Claire and the Winchesters were forced to retreat through the rift which closed behind them, leaving Kaia's body in the Bad Place. By then, Claire has begun transforming, forcing Dean to restrain her. Castiel leaves Claire and once again, uses Jimmy as a vessel, leaving Claire with her mother and no father again. Arriving at the farm, Dean and Claire investigate the barn and Claire is finally, tearfully, reunited with her mother. She is the first human character to kill multiple angels at the same time (albeit when combining powers with a powerful being). Jody has also reached an agreement with Claire where she will include Claire in the monster related cases but keep her out of the human ones. In The Things We Left Behind, Claire is shown as a problematic and erratic kid who keeps running from Group Homes. Claire Novak is the daughter of Jimmy Novak, Castiel's vessel. After stopping to meet up with Donna Hanscum, Kaia told the group what she knew of where the rift was, allowing them to identify it as the Larsen Bros. Shipyard. As they waited, Kaia comforted Claire over Patience's vision and urged Claire to go after the Winchesters, promising to go with Claire if she did. At the end of the voicemail, Claire states her intention to continue hunting on her own for a while but believes she is ready thanks to Jody for being her mother. Kaia explained to Claire how she saw the creatures in her dreams and they gave her scars. She then abducts the sherif… She also keeps a stuffed animal Castiel got her for her 18th birthday. When they do, Claire asks "Why is he leaving again?" THIS POST IS PROBABLY JUST GONNA BE ME RAMBLING SORRY.-First interaction is the girls staring at each other. Share on Facebook. After Claire and the Winchesters return, Jody comforted Claire over Kaia's death while Patience realized that her vision had actually been of Kaia dying and Jody comforting Claire. 4, 10-13 Sydney Imbeau (young)Kathryn Love Newton (older). Claire is bae; Kaia loves Claire; Charlie v. NINE LIVES ( ft. female oc ) Caring Rowena MacLeod; Winged Castiel (Supernatural) winged OC; protective oc v. angry angel; wendigos get got; ketch and … Now an outspoken, brave, and self-confident young woman, Claire has succeeded in finding balance in her own life despite the imperfections. Wayward Sisters was being set up in the thirteenth season of Supernatural, but it was not to be. Unfortunately, the loan shark's gang regroups and trap Dean, in which the others are forced to escape. With a Giant after them, Claire and the Winchesters were forced to retreat through the rift which closed behind them, leaving Kaia's body in the Bad Place. However, Dark Kaia chooses to stay and die with her world rather than leave with them again. After moving in with Jody Mills, Claire did away with the dark eyeliner and eventually started wearing lighter themed clothes. Alex tells the Winchesters that Claire has previously thought there were monsters when there weren't and Jody tells them the only reason she's not in jail for all the assaults she's committed is Jody is the sheriff. She later calls Dean for help as she believes there are monsters in Sioux Falls and Jody refuses to believe her. On 'Supernatural,' Dark Kaia returns and she needs Sam and Dean's help in 'Galaxy Brain.' Her location is given as "in transit". However, she made the mistake of telling them where she was staying as well as checking in under her own name and finds Sam waiting for her while Dean and Castiel interrogate Ronnie. As Richard goes to kill Alex, Claire stabs him in the back with a crowbar, distracting him long enough for Dean to kill him. After Kaia's apparent death, Claire became determined to get revenge on Dark Kaia, even if she had to cross universes to do it and subsequently spent two years hunting Dark Kaia after learning that she had crossed to the Main Universe. Despite putting on a tough exterior, Claire admits to Dean in a vulnerable moment that the truth is, she is barely keeping it together on a good day. Upon getting in, she was knocked out by the woman as they drove off. Claire has basic skills of a human. Species I hate doing this to myself, putting that junk in my body but it's the only thing that keeps me awake, it's the only thing that keeps me from... From the Bad Place. Kaia was able to lead Claire to the Winchesters and the two rescued them, with Kaia informing the Winchesters that she thought Jack was in Apocalypse World with their mother. Sam, Dean, and Castiel engage Tamiel who proves stronger than all of them and nearly kills Castiel, Claire sneaks behind him and stabs him with his own sword, killing him before embracing her mother's body. Ronnie accidentally knocks Claire out and calls an ambulance which takes her to the hospital. After Claire realized that the rift to the Bad Place must still be open, Kaia warned her that if they went to the Bad Place, they would die. In The Scar, Sam and Dean recognize the figure that attacked and injured Michael with her spear as Kaia's killer and call in Jody for help in tracking her. Castiel tells Jimmy that he intends to use Claire as his vessel and that Jimmy's work is done. After seeing Dark Kaia in person for the first time while conscious and in the same world, Kaia could only glare at her counterpart, obviously blaming Dark Kaia for what happened to her, but calmed down when Sam explained that Dark Kaia had helped to rescue her. After the Winchesters arrive with the news that Kaia's killer is in the Main Universe, Jody tells them that Claire is "off being Claire" and she has improved greatly in her attitude since they last saw her. Things between Dean and Claire are awkward at first, so Dean takes Claire to play mini-golf which they bond over. She can be easily shocked by the supernatural, as seen when learning Jack's heritage, seeing what Jack is capable of and that monsters were real and Sam and Dean hunt them. Email Jody doesn't tell Claire as Kaia is still a sore subject for her, being Claire's first love. Sam and Castiel go to investigate, but leave Claire and Dean behind for her own safety and because the Mark of Cain is starting to affect Dean worse. Claire was ten years old at the time. RIGHT. Sam, Dean, Kaia and Claire in the Bad Place. In the vampire nest, Jody and Claire note the drained corpses nearby and Jody realizes Claire was right about the disappearances. During Angel Heart, in the months after leaving her group home, Claire begins a search for her missing mother. As they waited, Kaia comforted Claire over Patience's vision and urged Claire to go after the Winchesters, promising to go with Claire if she did. In fandom, the pairing has been dubbed Dreamhunter and has already inspired fanart and stories. One of these was … Dying, Kaia reached out to Claire and held her hand as she died. A short time later, the group was forced to flee the house after Patience predicted that the Cloaked Figures were about to attack. Remember Kaia (Yadira Guevera-Prip) as in Kaia, the love of Claire’s life Kaia? Months later, her family was attacked by demons. However, Claire is out of cellphone range in Yosemite. After the girls rescue Jody and Donna, Claire and Kaia find the rift which is closing. After the other Kaia leaves, Jody is left to figure out how to explain what happened to Claire along with the grief of losing Kaia all over again and the pressure of raising three hunters. Dark Kaia treated Kaia's wound before leaving the Bad Place and left Kaia the tools she needed to survive. She was greatly amazed by the beauty of the other worlds as Jack says she could see more if she helps which she agrees to. As they search for Kaia the dreamcatcher who opened the … Dean and Sam soon barge in along with Jack and Kaia was left in awe at his powers as he subdued one of her abductors and killed the other. The last time we saw her in Supernatural, she was stabbed and her doppelganger from the Bad Place made it into our world. Claire Novak is the daughter of Jimmy and Amelia Novak, originally from Pontiac, Illinois. However, Kaia, as Claire's first love, is still a sore spot for her. The two are attacked by the janitor who turns out to be a vampire and Claire and Jody are kidnapped. Claire jokingly tells him he's pretty old when he tells her about how hunters don't live long and leaves in a taxi. Kaia found courage in facing these things with help from Jack and Claire Novak. yeah, this return is one that’s a long time coming. In 2009, Castiel was ordered back to Heaven, leaving his vessel -- Jimmy Novak -- to reunite with his family. Portrayed by Claire is intrigued by how easy it is and insists on going with Dean and Castiel to investigate Ronnie's murder. Affiliation Supernatural 1512 Galaxy’s Brain. Claire suggests that she leave and become a full-time hunter, but Sam tells her that monsters will always be out there, but a chance at a normal life won't be. Her life began to change when the angel Castiel took her father away. Claire was once an ordinary girl living an ordinary life with her devout father and loving mother. Kaia thanks the Winchesters, Castiel and Jack before leaving with Jody. Although apparently killed by her alternate counterpart, Kaia survived and was trapped in the Bad Place for over two years. Supernatural Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Outside, Kaia was confronted by one of the Cloaked Figures from the Bad Place to her shock, but Claire and Jody Mills killed it. ... Wayward Sisters - Claire and Kaia Talk - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 10. Through her lineage, Claire could serve as an alternate vessel to the angel Castiel. Castiel and Jody acknowledge that if they fail to rescue Kaia, it would kill Claire who would never recover from the loss. Her grandmother died and Claire struggled in group homes as well as developing a rebellious nature and resentment to the angel who ruined her life. While Kaia only knew the Bad Place as a place of terror that she for some reason saw her whole life, Dark Kaia understood the nature of their connection and even envied Kaia's life and world as she revealed to Jack. Richard starts to feed on Claire but stops when he senses Sam coming and he and Henry go to confront him. Two demons bring Sam and Dean did. Dark Kaia leads them to our Kaia, and when the boys turn to take her home, Dark Kaia decides to stay and die with her world. By the time she reached adulthood, she was on her own, completely disconnected from her roots, as she tried to understand a burgeoning gift: In her dreams, Kaia walks between worlds — a rare and terrifying power she experiences only as a curse... a power she doesn't understand and can't yet control. Practically alone, Claire was forced to become more independent and co… Though she was visibly scared when she and Claire were about to go through the rift to the Bad Place and hesitated to go through with it, she was able to muster up the courage to do it when Claire promised to protect her. Family Justin fights back but is shot dead by Mick with a silver bullet. Characters whose actor played more than one character, https://supernatural.fandom.com/wiki/Kaia_Nieves?oldid=405658. Claire preparing to rob a store for Randy. In Who We Are, Claire is displayed as one of the British Men of Letters targets. Kaia warned that the creatures ran in packs and once they got someone's scent, they would never stop coming after a person. Once they stop, Jimmy tells Amelia to take Claire to "Carl and Sally's" house. I’m in an entirely new headspace for watching the last episodes of “Supernatural”, which is making writing a recap and review an entirely new challenge. Yadira Guevara-Prip. Status Her outfits usually consist of trousers, a shirt, and a jacket. After learning that Kaia was still alive and trapped in the Bad Place, Jody believed that Claire would not survive learning that Kaia had survived only to die in a failed rescue mission. As the magic opened the rift for her doesn't work in the Main Universe, she remembers Jack and Kaia opening the rift together and asks Dean to have Jack do the same for her to go home. Later on, Dean gives her a handgun which she is allowed to keep, on the grounds that she "didn't shoot him". After the Winchesters succeed in rescuing Kaia from the Bad Place with the help of Dark Kaia, Jody offers to take Kaia home with her. 7 Claire & Kaia These two meet in the backdoor pilot of Wayward Sisters , a spin-off that premiered in season thirteen. Kaia accepts, asking if Claire will be there. The devastated Claire swore revenge on Kaia's killer who managed to make it through to the Main Universe and was revealed to be the alternate reality version of Kaia herself. However, demons were keen to possess him, and kidnapped Amelia and Claire. During their meal, their neighbor, Rodger stops over. INVENTED LOVE. The gun was presumably confiscated by Castiel when he caught her in the act. Like Claire just casually showing her scars to Kaia then Kaia … Claire, Jimmy, Amelia, Sam, and Dean meet up outside the house and drive away in the Impala. He advises her against becoming a hunter, telling her how dangerous it is and that she got her revenge when she killed Tamiel. Claire found Kaia as she prepared to bolt and attempted to convince Kaia to help without success. After almost a year of Amelia looking for Jimmy and thinking he was dead, he returns home. She later meets a couple whom she confides her troubles to. Upon their return to the rift, a hooded figure that threw a spear at Claire. Using Claire, Castiel is able to smite a second demon fighting Dean and watches as Sam drinks demon blood and exorcises Amelia. Claire and Kaia bond over shared experiences, and Kaia is able to help them find out where the guys are. In Galaxy Brain, Dark Kaia reveals to Dean, Sam and Jody Mills that Kaia was not killed by the spear blow. Kaia lost her family at a young age. Because of her powers, she was connected to her counterpart and often saw The Bad Place. Kaia declines to explain further and Jody offers to take Kaia home with her if she wants which Kaia accepts. She was even willing to let Dean get killed, seeing the Winchesters as only enemies despite their friendly intentions. However, Dark Kaia learned from their connection that the Bad Place is ending and so she must return home. Flinty, sarcastic, and profoundly haunted, Kaia is nevertheless strong and willful as hell — she's had to be to survive this long on her own. Sam reassures the angry Kaia that Dark Kaia had helped them find her and they begin heading back to the rift. Kaia was able to survive the next two years on her own, trapped in the Bad Place and still connected to her counterpart who saw the Bad Place through her eyes. In The Spear, the alternate Kaia asks for help returning to her own world. Claire tells him that she has to make a new life for herself alone but promises to keep in touch. Characters whose actor played more than one character, https://supernatural.fandom.com/wiki/Claire_Novak?oldid=407656, Claire was the second human that is not a hunter to kill an angel. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Claire Novak 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation This … Jody privately tells Dean that the boy Claire assaulted is hell-bent on pressing charges and though Claire has started college, she hasn't gone to classes in weeks, has no friends and instead spends all of her time looking for cases and reading lore. She had interviewed two men, Justin and Connor, and described the latter as being "grabby", leading the brothers to suspect him. Before saying goodbye, Dean gives her a copy of Caddyshack and a lore book, having noticed her keeping Tamiel's sword. Amelia lets Jimmy talk to Claire and have dinner with them. Patience has another … As Castiel is in her emergency contacts on her cell phone, the hospital calls him and he calls in Sam and Dean to help him deal with Claire. #spn said lesbians can have 1 right. Later, Claire works with Sam on trying to figure out what's going on. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As Jody's adopted daughter, Claire continues to seek an independent lifestyle, favoring hunting over a normal school life which she would have preferred originally. The alternate Kaia explains that Kaia's death was an accident as she was aiming for Claire, not Kaia. Dark Kaia tells her it was an accident and she meant to kill Claire. Richard takes Claire to feed on her as part of his plan to destroy everything Alex loves and Alex offers herself in exchange for Claire and Jody if Richard lets them go. Claire was once an ordinary girl living an ordinary life with her devout father and loving mother. Kaia also proved to be very fearful of her counterpart, as when Dark Kaia dashed across Kaia's dream walking vision, Kaia screamed multiple times when she saw her face to face. Kaia and Claire compared scars before Kaia explained about the Bad Place, the creatures and her work with the Winchesters to Jody's group. Kaia found courage in facing these things with help from Jack and Claire Novak. Despite Kaia's fear of her counterpart, Dark Kaia never meant her any harm, treating Kaia's injury after nearly killing her and being angry on Kaia's behalf over her ordeal. Jody tells her that the only case she has is entirely human and Claire agrees to keep out of it. Though somewhat frightful at first, not speaking until after they returned to the Main Universe, Kaia was pleased to see her friends and appeared to hold no grudge against them for abandoning her in the Bad Place, greeting Dean, who had initially forced her to help at gunpoint, immediately with a hug and even sharing a friendly conversation with Jack who, as Dark Kaia pointed out, was the one who talked Kaia into helping open the rift in the first place. The Winchesters and Jody are horrified to learn that Kaia survived and was left trapped for two years in another world. Title/Alias Now, Dark Kaia has made her presence known again. With more Cloaked Figures coming after them, Claire goes through the rift to the Bad Place accompanied by a scared Kaia. Kaia/Dark Kaia. It was revealed that Claire was in love with her but it is unknown if Kaia felt the same. Claire watches as Alex confronts Henry and punches him in the face before Claire cuts his head off. Status As Sam and Dean leave, Claire tells Sam she realizes what she has in Jody and Alex and isn't going to take off. Kaia Nieves is a queer character from Supernatural. Airing during Supernatural ‘s 13th season, Wayward follows what executive producer Robert Berens calls a “prodigal-return narrative,” as Claire, a recurring character on the flagship … Jack opens a rift to the Bad Place where Dark Kaia leads the Winchesters to her former home where Kaia has been living. Jody reluctantly agrees, seeing the point of Castiel's words. HumanWerewolf (cured) Claire Novak Dean then held her at gunpoint and ordered her into the car. Along the drive, Kaia was annoyed by her situation and ignored Jack's attempts to apologize and understand her situation. As Jody, Alex and Patience Turner performed an examination of the creature's body, Kaia sat outside with Claire. Later, when Claire, who aimed to go to the Bad Place to save Sam and Dean, was scared to go alone upon hearing Patience Turner had a vision of Claire dying in it, she offered to go with her to the Bad Place to save them. After he helps her escape, Claire ditches Castiel to meet up with her surrogate father, Randy. Although she relied on certain individuals such as Randy to grant her shelter, Claire was now willing to lie and steal to better her own life. Kaia was seen in the drug treatment facility and was arguing with the doctor who told her to open up to the other clients. Her experience with the supernatural has hardened her, but the most influential period of her life was after her father was taken away a second time, leading her mother to go look for him and leaving Claire behind in the process. He makes the remark "I told you I'd gut the bitch." Claire has bright-colored eyes and long blonde hair. She soon goes to a hospital and meets Alex who was working there and asks for word about Sam and Dean before she is directed to Kaia Nieves. Her father disappeared when Castiel possessed Jimmy in 2008. Claire after being given the werewolf cure. Claire does, and when Jimmy and Amelia come out they see that Rodger is holding a knife to her throat. Kaia Nieves The devastated Claire would not be able to receive gratitude from the brothers for saving them. ... Kaia is a dreamwalker with uncontrollable powers. Supernatural made a specific point when we last saw Dark Kaia (or Not-Kaia, as Dean calls her). She even came to see them as good friends, joining them on cases, counting them to save her, and being willing to risk her life when she went to the Bad Place and rescued them. The next day, after Mr. Phelps' body is found hanging from the school flagpole, Claire asks Jody about what happened. 13, 15 Jody comments that Claire is ironically chasing a lead on a woman in a black cloak while they have Dark Kaia with them. The idea behind the show was solid, but the execution was all over the place. When she saw that her adoptive sister Annie Jones and mother were willing to risk their lives for her because of a vampire attack, she shed some of her sad side and even tried to make breakfast even though she burnt the food. As Sam fights the vampires, Claire retrieves a box cutter from a nearby toolbox and cuts herself free. List of Claire and Kaia moments in Wayward Sisters. Biker Barbie (by Alex Jones)Rainbow Bright (by Donna Hanscum)Agent Beatrice Quimby Clarise (by Dean Winchester) Along with Claire, Kaia watched the attack on the house from Claire's phone in horror. After this, she is very surprised to learn that Jack is truly Lucifer's son as well as Dean and Sam hunting monsters and that her kidnappers were angels. Claire then watches with Jody and Alex as the Winchesters leave. In the end, Claire changed her mind about Dean getting killed and warns him, in which he overpowers the couple, though rather than give in to the Mark of Cain, lets them go. She later called Jody her mother in a voicemail she left her. Though Claire struggled to adjust with them as well as hunting, she came to see them as her family and she became a competent hunter even helping Sam and Dean. They go over the case, discussing the fact that Sam and Dean were looking for Kaia, and we see that Kaia … In Ladies Drink Free, Claire is shown to have a box full of cell phones in her car. She attempted to walk away from the unbelievable things she heard. When they come back into Randy's house, they find Dean covered in blood, standing over the thugs' bodies, including Randy, to Claire's horror. Claire is surprised that Alex is planning to leave once she gets her life together and tells Alex she doesn't have to leave to protect them. Surprised to see Sam and Dean again, Kaia hugs Dean before spotting her counterpart. Amelia slaps her and flashes black, demon eyes. When Tamiel was distracted by his fight with Team Free Will, Claire used his angel sword to kill him. Not Quite Dead: It is revealed in Season 15 that Kaia … Season(s) In Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox, Jody tells the Winchesters that Claire and Alex are in Omaha at a Radio Head concert. Alive As a teenager, Claire's rebellious phase and harsh life drove her to wear dark eyeliner and make her hair curlier. Claire takes the dead monster, and Kaia, back to Jody's. However, Kaia refuses to help Jack and runs off after hitting him while he was distracted by the Winchesters catching up to him. Justin decided to turn Claire instead and bit her while trying to convince the young hunter that they are very much alike. Sam, Dean, Kaia and Claire in the Bad Place. Her life began to change when the angel Castiel took her father away. While being held captive, Kaia asked why they took her and learned that she was to be bait for Jack who was the son of Lucifer. Portrayed by The next day, Sam and Dean decide to send Claire to Jody Mills until she can get on her feet. The alternate Kaia reveals that she also experienced flashes of Kaia's life, including Dean threatening Kaia with a gun to make her comply. A humongous demon thing, definitely not a dinosaur, appears towering over the trees, and Sam & Dean drag Claire back through the breach, leaving Kaia… Jack offered to show her other worlds besides the horrible one she has seen and she accepts. Jack eventually admits that he needs Kaia's help and offers to help Kaia escape in exchange. Kaia Nieves was a dreamwalker orphaned as a result of a supernatural tragedy. After Jody expresses worry that Claire is burying herself in hunting as she feels she has nothing else, Sam talks to her and Claire admits she feels like she's not really apart of Jody and Alex's family since she arrived so much later. Occupation Kelly Prepares For Birth. However, before the attack can be launched, a team of hunters led by Sam and including Jody storm the compound and wipe out the operation. After crossing back through the rift, Kaia is reunited with Jody who is waiting on the other side. Season(s) At dinner, Claire explains that three people have disappeared and other people are reporting animals they have never seen before and things stalking their front yards. Claire denies this, saying she has a family of her own who loves her, referring to Jody and Alex. Claire Novak is the daughter of Jimmy, Castiel's true vessel and a hunter. Claire was to be a major character in the spinoff, She is the first recurring character to go to another world she went to. Kaia warned that the creatures ran in packs and once they got someone's scent, they would never stop coming after a person. I’m going to go ahead and say it, I knew this was coming. After Kaia is tied to a chair, Jody questions why she killed their Kaia. While Kaia is left unconscious on the side of the road, Jack alone is transported to Mary while Kaia's flashing to the Bad Place results in the Winchesters being sent there instead. Kaia inadvertently sends herself, Jack, Dean and Sam to different places. With a smile, Jody promises that Claire will be home soon. During that pilot, we watched Claire and Kaia bond, and then a dark creature from the “Bad Place” kill Kaia in front of Claire.

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