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Address: 600 North Bridge Rd, 188778 : Google Map. The whitewashed walls of the colonial-styled building make for a perfect chapel backdrop for your photos. Whether you like nature, greenery, the sea, Singapore has placed (both well known and secret) that present gorgeous backdrops for your photos. It is also fully air-conditioned, which is a huge plus point when it comes to the humid weather in Singapore. Thus, you should enjoy these lush greeneries while taking a relaxing stroll! However, we are not perfect and our research will not be 100% exhaustive nor accurate. This is our little home on the web to share it all with you! 1 /10. Fort Canning Park has been the silent witness of Singapore history through ages, and it’s architecture offers beautiful settings for your pre-wedding photographs. Singapore is a Little Red Dot on the world map, but yet it offers many stunning locations which are perfect for a wedding photoshoot. Wedding Photographer Singapore we create memories, one photo at a time Couple photographer team that works in a pair to help you capture and immortalise your most precious moments into eternal photographic memories. There's a saying: a picture is worth a thousand words, but your wedding photos will be priceless. As told to Syahindah Ishak October 24, 2020. Jewel Changi is a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex in Changi Airport. Our Top list is subject to numbering extension if we find that more vendors could be included on the list. Here, you get to capture Singapore’s natural scenery, and you can temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of city life too. IKEA is a perfect location for a cosy casual shoot, and there is a myriad of “props” available in the store to be used during your photoshoot! Their expertise is to enhance the beauty of the venues by their shots and angles of the photos. Singapore River. OneThreeOneFour is a destination wedding photography company. Shasha Ali decked out in her wedding dress and looked cheerful despite having to cancel her wedding ceremony. Nearby sits Telok Banglah Hill Park, where you can capture some greenery in your shot. Filled with lines of local fashion stores and embellished by the street artworks along the walls, photographic opportunities here are endless. Pre-wedding Photoshoot. Andri photography is known for its emotive wedding photography in Singapore. You can spend a relaxing afternoon with your loved one at the different attractions here as we capture these precious moments for you! — Stumped when thinking of a perfect location for your pre-wedding photoshoot? 6. Indeed, any photos taken here will cherish forever! Traditional shophouses can be found along the streets of Joo Chiat, as well as Little India and Katong. Make sure you enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot that is designed to reflect the growing love between you and your partner. Emerald Hill. Picture Perfect: Top spots in Singapore for a pre-wedding photoshoot . The city also offers a good mix of nature and magnificent architecture for your photos! We have prepared this comprehensive pre-wedding photoshoot guide to answer all your questions on where to take wedding photos, what photoshoot ideas to take note of Singapore Wedding Photo Shoot Locations. For an authentic and traditional Singaporean backdrop … Check out these articles to find the best ones! The Wedding Vow is a digital publication bringing you the best content on weddings, honeymoon travel and lifestyle. If you need any help/services, email us at [email protected]. Be it you want to embrace the nostalgic, rustic, or travel theme, the railway track is versatile enough. Head to Tanjong Beach at Sentosa, and you’ll find this idyllic pre-wedding photoshoot location in Singapore. Be it you want to dress like a cowboy or in white, Bukit Timah Saddle Club offers unique photograph opportunities with the horses. Tranquil and far away from the hustle-bustle of Singapore metropolitan, Singapore’s abandoned railway tracks offer a beautiful backdrop for romantic photographs. But for a Singaporean bride, what should have been mementos of a wonderful union became that of an unfortunate circumstance instead. Get a bonus entry for the giveaway when you sign-up for our newsletter too! Looking for something romantic? A spot away from the crowd, Punggol Lalang Field offers a simple yet versatile pre-wedding photoshoot location in Singapore. "A historical park where one of the last battles for Singapore was fought during World War II", take the opportunity to capture a little bit of local history in your pre-wedding shots. The calm water, the picturesque Casuarina tree, and the waterfront benches offer insta-worthy photographic opportunities, especially at dawn. Fool your Facebook friends into thinking you did a destination shoot on a beach in Bali … Magnificent gardens, historical sites, modern landscapes, charming little-known nooks and much more — there’s no shortage of beautiful photo shoot locations in the country. Stay-home shoots have been gaining popularity over the years, and these shoots are both convenient and relaxing since you do not need to travel out. Take a relaxing stroll down the shores of East Coast Park as you enjoy the breathtaking sunset as well as the tranquillity of the sea. You can take the chance to tour around the store to select the furniture you would like for your new home! You’ll be stunned at the plenty of locations in Singapore and how they are jam-packed with beauty. Not keen on travelling to another country for your pre-wedding photoshoot? Thinking of a heritage setting, Keong Saik Street has to be your choice. There is truthfully no better place to have a wedding shoot than the place that will have couples all excited to build their own love nest. The museum is also fully air-conditioned, and the grand interior will make your photos look spectacular! The key location of this park is definitely the dramatic stairway, where you can capture unique photos here! Karen GEORGE Thursday, July 9, 2015 updated the Wednesday, November 25, 2015 . Here at BV Wedding Photography Singapore, we aim to produce unique and creative artworks for our clients. Embark on this magical journey with us! Singapore is a port city, after all. At Singapore Botanic Garden, you’ll get a perfect combination of European-style gazebos and green charms all at once. Now whether you love the beach, nature or buildings, you know just the places to go in Singapore to find them. A wedding is a celebration of love and joy, surrounded by your closest friends and … This is where you celebrate your love at scenic locations around Singapore or places both of you hold close to your hearts. Please provide your estimated wedding date. About Wedding Photography - Wedding Photography Singapore / Wedding Videography / Wedding Photoshoot / Pre wedding Photoshoot HelloToby connects people who has a service request, with the one who has the skills to fulfill the request. Call 8338 1249. Agreeable photography rates & positive reviews. Shasha Ali decked out in her wedding dress and looked cheerful despite having to cancel her wedding ceremony. Photo by Avior Pictures. You both were very patient and professional in handling our photo pose and ensure we are safe throughout the whole photo shoot. Singapore Wedding Gym Photoshoot Pre-wedding engagement A wedding photography session at Anytime Fitness Bukit Timah with this fun couple! If you’re looking for a whole list of photoshoot locations to choose from, here we have curated 47 Dreamy Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Singapore just for you! SEE ALSO: Singapore Wedding Photoshoot Locations Rich in History and Heritage. It could be effortless, white outfits coupled with fresh flowers and you’ve got yourself an adorable album. flickr/inside southeast asia. We’d be happy to help! Marina Bay Sands may not be a secret pre-wedding photoshoot location in Singapore, but it’s the most iconic one. The Louvre Bridal. Let the brilliant architecture combines with the breathtaking golden sky to make your photos amazing. SEE ALSO: 10 Uniquely Singapore Wedding Photoshoot Locations. Singapore is famous for her title as the Garden City, and lush greeneries can be found island wide. For other railway tracks in Singapore, check them out here. It’s hard to not fall in love with Marina Bay Sands, where the Singapore skyline beams the brightest. You don’t need to leave the country. ). Fort Canning Park is the must-go place for the couple who would like to indulge in a little bit of heritage and old-school elements. We hope that with these amazing photoshoot ideas, you are all prepared for your Singapore wedding photoshoot! Take in the charm of conserved shophouses into the creativity of the photographs. OneThreeOneFour provides wedding photography service at 20 destinations around the world. A Tale of Two. Don’t miss our wedding guide here and our honeymoon guide here. Our pictures would also highlight the immense love you and your companion have for each other. Singapore’s skyline is famous for being absolutely stunning, with spectacular architectures in view. Palaces stood here in the 14th century, and over 70 … Hidden pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore. Come at the dawn for a better picture with the golden sky as the background! Make sure to wear something to match the city glorious view including the like of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We have come up with 10 photoshoot ideas which will help you capture the best of Singapore! You can also enjoy the foods afterwards because Keong Saik is one of the best food havens in Singapore. Keppel Club. A spot away from the crowd, Punggol Lalang Field offers a simple yet versatile pre-wedding photoshoot location in Singapore. Valid within 3 months from date of purchase. 1.5-hour indoor studio photoshoot; 1x BASIC gown for bride; 1x suit for groom; 1x make-up and hair styling; 10x edited soft copy photos (high resolution) GENERAL. What we love most about this job … That is not an exaggeration. You can enjoy an unobstructed view of the beautiful skyline at the spacious Marina Barrage! The Wave-shaped 36-m above the ground pedestrian bridge is an extraordinary place for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore. If flora and fauna captivate you, then the Singapore Botanic Gardens will be a great place for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Kent Ridge Park is yet another beautifully lush place for nature-themed photoshoots. Yet to book a photographer? We welcome kind feedback and reviews from readers, customers as well as vendors in the industry. For new customers only. Using a number of criteria which includes, but not limited to, portfolio (extensive work and quality), value, style, branding, website, internet search visibilty, social media visibility, awards, reviews, professionalism, service and more, our team strives to do our best to generate the best list we can using a combination of both quantitative and qualitative factors. Don’t be surprised how beautiful your photos will get at this idyllic location! Here, you can capture the gorgeous cityscape being illuminated at night. Your photos will turn out to be simple yet meaningful! To clarify, it is not necessarily that we include the biggest or most expensive vendors on our list. Bringing to you these 5 best photoshoot spots in Singapore is Aloysius, whose photoshoot style is “natural, candid and spontaneous”. Head towards Marina Barrage or Marina Bay Sands for photos featuring the handsome buildings in the CBD or set off to nature trails and parks for photos that look like they were taken overseas! You can even walk through the DNA-inspired Helix Bridge which will be beautifully lit up at night! Skip the Chinatown, the area is a more unpopular choice but offers a picturesque yet unique heritage setting for your pre-wedding photoshoot. If taken at night, the whole bridge lights up in an orange glow-giving unique add-ups to your photos. Style: Exquisite, exotic, prestige, roman architecture building. The decorative ceiling, the art sculpture deco that are in granite, bronze and glass and the greenery plot of plants outside the office premises is a good place for photoshoot. We aim to include vendors who have that extra special something. Couple & Pre Wedding Photoshoot We invest a lot of time and effort curating for each list, with the aim to help couples who are looking for such services find them easily, and to also increase industry exposure. The National Museum is the oldest museum in Singapore and having your photos will definitely look amazing given that the museum is furnished by ample natural lighting. Jewel Changi is a spectacular location for a wedding photoshoot, with its breath-taking waterfall display, and its refreshing lush greeneries. We hope to inspire you to create the most beautiful memories of your wedding and honeymoon, followed by building your dream home. Based in Singapore, OneThreeOneFour is a global wedding photography service provider that connects couples with photographers around the world. Click here for more information. It could be effortless, white outfits coupled with fresh flowers and you’ve got yourself an adorable album. Fort Canning is steeped in history. Of course, this is in Singapore! Ikea is probably one of the last few places that comes to one’s mind … You can also enjoy the MBS light and water show here. Professional photographer in Singapore - Experienced photographers. It is also fully air-conditioned, which is a huge plus point when it comes to the humid weather in Singapore. If you already have some in your heart for a place of your lifetime photos with your loved one, it’s time for you to find the right photographers that will suit to your dream pre-wedding photographs. Singapore has plenty to offer! The 160-year-old tropical garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which makes the perfect backdrop for a nature-themed photoshoot in Singapore. Region: CENTRAL SINGAPORE. The exquisite European interior of Bar 5 located at No. What you will receive at the end of the day, will be a collection of timeless photography. Gardens by the Bay. They are experts in capturing the story and the bond between the couple. We’re MJ, and we are so happy to have you here. Fort Canning. on Emerald Hill … Ride the horses together for a beautiful memory together. These will add a pop of colour to your photos and will also give you an opportunity to celebrate Singapore’s culture! Indian Wedding temples and venues. Limit 1 purchase per couple. 9 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers in Singapore (2020 Edition). While it’s easily accessible from any parts of the city, the area gives you a sense of peace to let you enjoy the moment with your loved one as well. ANDRI TEI PHOTOGRAPHY- Get amazing engagement & wedding photoshoot in Singapore. Despite being a little red dot, it offers a variety of picturesque backdrops. The Wedding Scoop tapped on some of Singapore’s top wedding photographers – Acapella Photography, Andri Tei Photography, AndroidsinBoots, Annabel Law Productions, Antelope Studios, Blisspixel Wedding Photography, Multifolds Photography and Studio Kel – to reveal some of their favourite spots for indoor pre-wedding photography. Pre wedding photography is not only a popular choice for many couples in Singapore, but also taking photoshoot overseas as well. So, why not taking your pre-wedding photoshoot with the port filled with luxury yachts as the background? As you go on your daily activities with your loved ones, we can help to document these moments by the side! This wedding photographer in Singapore focuses on creating timeless and beautiful memories, by making his captures look relevant 10 to … Head over to our website to learn more about our outdoor pre-wedding packages in Singapore. Disclaimer: Our Top list of vendors are researched and curated by our editorial team. Jewel Changi is a spectacular location for a wedding photoshoot, with its breath-taking waterfall display, and its refreshing lush greeneries. Jewel Changi is a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex in Changi Airport. Instead, we focus on presenting vendors whom we believe can deliver a certain value to their customers. If you have any feedback, kindly send it to [email protected]. IKEA. — Picture via instagram/shashamssstellar. It could be a short hop to Bali for some beach vibes or trips to far-flung cities like Paris or Rome. We appreciate your visit and kind understanding! A colourful, unique, and quirky place for a pre-wedding photoshoot is Hajj Lane Singapore. In all of our 15-year journey, nothing trumps working with a couple about to get married. Your Bespoke photoshoot. SEE ALSO: Indoor wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore. With their convenient one-stop services that include gown and suit rental, hair and makeup, and bouquets, they bring you amazing wedding photoshoot experiences without the stress of planning for a destination shoot. Here’s our list of the best photoshoot locations in Singapore, organized according to the backdrop and atmosphere that you love! Happily married for 3 years & counting, we have shared passions for weddings, travel and lifestyle. Tanjong Sentosa offers some privacy thanks to the fact that it’s a quieter beach and therefore you’ll be able to grab shots without beach-goers flooding your background. This scene is for you who loves adding a touch of history to your own historic moment with your loved one! At its untouched greenery, the vast lalang fields can be turned into beautiful photos filled with serenity. Upper Seletar Reservoir is one of the most happening pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore. At Fort Canning Park, you’ll suddenly feel like you’re away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Furthermore, you’ll also get to enjoy a romantic time together at such a romantic place! Singaporean bride-to-be’s wedding photoshoot takes an empowering solo turn after man calls off nuptials. In recent years, there’s been a trend of couples going overseas for their pre-wedding photoshoots and also theme-ing their wedding photoshoots. Positive Bride Has Solo Photoshoot After Groom Cancels Wedding Abruptly. National museum Singapore wedding photography A couple posing at the national gallery in Singapore. Feel free to express any style you like to match each art on the wall, your photos are always going to be great! For more information, kindly refer to our copyright & disclosure policy. Best Pre Wedding Shoot Singapore, One stop for Indian wedding decorations and Indian wedding photography services. Gardens By The Bay is a nature park attraction filled with a myriad of plants and flowers. At its untouched greenery, the vast lalang fields can be turned into beautiful photos filled with serenity. Published March 20, 2020. Speaking to Mothership, Shasha tells us how she overcame the heartbreak and why she decided to proceed with the wedding photoshoot alone. Hi there, and welcome! To Rex and Ben we are really happy that you had took care of us throughout our wedding photo shoot in Singapore although it was raining the whole day. The Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is a perfect location for a night shoot in Singapore. For someone with style like you, which one do you like the most from 47 Dreamy Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Singapore? To get featured on The Wedding Vow, email [email protected] for advertising, [email protected] for media invites. Our photographers at Chris Chang Photography can help you capture the prettiest and most romantic photos during your photoshoot in Singapore that will remind you of the pre-wedding jitters and that moment when your companion popped the big question. Photographic opportunities are endless within its extensive area, including the historic pit with beautiful stairs, the Gothic Gate, as well as the beautiful green park. Complimentary Drone & Aerial Photography Enjoy high altitude shots from our drone to give you a full spectacle view from an elevated perspective Customized Photography Style Whether it’s traditional wedding poses or documentary style photography, we provide a variety of … Best Places in Singapore for your Wedding Photoshoot Location Sun, Sand & Sea Click here to get started. Marriage is a major milestone in a person’s life, which is often captured for posterity in a beautiful wedding photoshoot. There can’t be a more romantic ambience than what Upper Seletar Reservoir offers. Especially in the evening, you’ll get the best background for your everlasting memory. Our team is committed to revising our list to ensure that it is updated with good result. The beautiful fountains and laser lights will create a visually stunning background for your wedding shoot. A Pre Wedding Photoshoot is taken a few months prior to your big day. All opinions remain writer’s own. Start now by choosing your dream destination, Join us for a hassle-free wedding photoshoot in your dream destination, Singapore Wedding Photoshoot: 10 Ideas To Get The Best of Singapore, Enjoying the flora and fauna at Gardens By The Bay, Exploring the shophouses at Joo Chiat street, Enjoying the lush greeneries of the garden city, more photos from this session at Jewel Changi, more photos from this session at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Wedding Photoshoot Locations Rich in History and Heritage, 10 Uniquely Singapore Wedding Photoshoot Locations, more photos from this night shoot at Marina Bay Sands, more photos from this session at East Coast Park, more photos from this session at Marina Barrage, more photos from Kerina Wang’s photoshoot at Marina Barrage, more photos from this session at Fort Canning Park, more photos from this session at the National Museum, more photos from this session at MacRitchie Reservoir, Indoor wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore, outdoor pre-wedding packages in Singapore, 30 Romantic And Fun Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Poses That Every Engaged Couple Needs To Try, 10 Breathtaking Cliff-Top Wedding Venues in Bali, 20 Brilliant Props That Will Pump Up The Fun At Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Tokyo’s 8 Most Stunning Engagement Photoshoot Locations, Paris Wedding Photoshoot: The Ultimate Guide, Hassle-free experience - makeup, hairstyling, transport included, Served over 2300 couples (including top influencers like Kryz Uy, Naomi Neo, Tina Yong! PETALING JAYA, December 2 — Her wedding was cancelled three weeks ago, but Shasha Ali managed picked herself up and took to … Singapore has many gyms for fun and interesting photoshoots like this! You can even have a beautiful waterfall as well as the rich diversity of floras for the background. Otherwise, it wasn’t easy, but we managed to shortlist the top 10 spots in Singapore that every couple wants for their wedding album. Singapore is an amazing destination for a wedding photoshoot. Natural lovers will marvel every photographic moment at the 183 acres vast park. Spectacular photos are what you get at ONE°15 Marina Club while on the other hand, you can spend romantic dining at their top-notch restaurant after the session.

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